December 4th- 7th

Hello Parents!

We are looking forward to the Christmas Pageant on Tuesday at 6:30 pm. We spent every day this past week practicing, and it has been great to see it all come together.

Wednesday is the all school mass for St. Nicolas at 8:00.

Friday is a Holy Day of Obligation for The Immaculate Conception. No School.

The children have been turning their ornaments in for the Jesse Tree and their writing report on the ornament. Please be sure your child is writing the paragraph about their ornament and that is it turned in by Monday. There will be be a presentation on their ornament this week, so practicing reading it before hand is important.

I have seen growth in their reading. Thank you for all the reading and work you do with them at home. Please continue to do so, as it makes a tremendous difference. There will be another DORA reading assessment taken in the next couple weeks. Results should be sent home before Christmas break.

Since we have a shorter month of school in December, the blues bookworm minutes might be hard to remember to complete and turn in. However, try to have them turned in by dec. 18th! Thank you!

Please have your child bring in new pajamas this week to donate for our pajama drive that we are doing with our Fifth Grade buddies. To celebrate after this service project, we will get to wear our pajamas to school on December 19th and read with our Fifth Grade buddies. Yay!

I hope you all have a blessed week!

Week Plans


Students will continue to learn about Advent this week. Students will present their Jesse Tree ornaments and writing.


This week in Phonics we will learn how to read and spell:

*final stable syllables –[ble, -[fle, -[ple, -[dle, -[tle, -[gle, -[cle, [kle, -[sle, and –[zle


Our focus will be on The Elves and the Shoemaker and we will be reading other Christmas books.


Things will be more difficult this week, as the students learn how to write a summary of a story that will be three paragraphs. We are really working on our self-correcting and our ownership of our writing in our class. Although writing is becoming more demanding, I have seen great improvement in their writing! The class will read the poem, “Every Little Elf” and create a Key Word Outline and summary of the short story, The Shoemaker and the Elves.

D. O.l test on Thursday.


We will continue to learn about numbers 1-20 in Chapter 7.

Dates to Remember

December 7th

Jesse Tree Ornament and Writing Due

December 5th

Christmas Pageant- 6:30 pm in Church

All school Saint Nicolas Mass

December 7

Phonics Assessment over: v, j, long o, long a, long e, and sight words: one, done and two is on Thursday.

· Spelling Test on Thursday: upset, but, them, block, man, need, up, going, set, stomp, come, there

Spelling Sentences: His friend can go with us. We need to get that rock.

· High Frequency Word test is on Dec. 12th.

· Grace After Meals prayer test is on Dec. 14th.

December 8

Immaculate Conception-

No School

December 12

High Frequency Word Test (words on website)

December 14

Grace After Meals Test

December 20th

Class Christmas Party/Noon Dismissal

Ms. O'Brien's class School Mass