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Springfield Elementary School

Dates To Remember


  • 2, Blue Pops
  • 5-16, Red Bag Collection Drive
  • 6, Election Day - No School
  • 8, PTA Meeting @ 5 PM in the Cafeteria
  • 8, STEAM Night (See flyer below)
  • 9, Family Game Night 6-8 PM (See flyer below)
  • 21-23, No School
  • 30, Box Tops Contest Deadline

A Message From Our Principal

Fall is here and we are finally getting some cooler temperatures! We are looking forward to having our rescheduled STEAM night on Thursday, November 8. If you are ordering pizza, we will be serving at 5:45. We hope to see you here for the big event!

I hope that you have had the opportunity to meet with your child's teacher for our annual fall teacher-parent conferences. This is always a good time to talk with your child's teacher on how they are doing in class, their strengths, areas for improvement, and what to expect for the school year. If you have not had a chance to meet with your child's teacher, please be sure to reach out to them to get a conference scheduled.

A big thanks goes out to our PTA for arranging our Red Ribbon Week school assembly last week. The Ultimate BMX show came to our school on 10/26 to perform for our students. Not only did our students get a great show from the BMX performers, but they delivered a great message to our students about setting personal goals, working hard, making good choices, and working together. Thanks again to our PTA!

With cooler temperatures, our students will sure to be wearing coats, sweatshirts, and hats to school. We typically have many articles of winter clothing left on playgrounds and around the school every year that end up being donated to Goodwill. Please write your child's name on their coats and sweatshirts, so we can return them to whom they belong. Thanks for your help!

If you have any questions about anything at all, please do not hesitate to ask. I am happy to help! Thank you for your continued support for your child's education and Springfield Elementary.

Peter Olinger, Principal

Thank You PTA!!!

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Red Bag Campaign

The Red Bag Campaign is a school wide outreach project where students are encouraged to earn money, by helping-out at home, to donate. The money donated is used to buy clothing and gifts for local children who need a hand-up this year.

Collections start in every homeroom classroom on Monday, November 5th. They will continue until Friday, November 16th.

During the campaign, there will be 2 Fun Fridays. If children bring $1 on Friday the 9th, they may wear a hat. If they bring $1 on Friday the 16th, they may wear pajamas. The homeroom that raises the most amount for the Red Bag Campaign will celebrate their generosity with a pizza party.

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Game Night @ SES

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Notes from the Nurse

The fall and winter months for many are a busy time of year with many fun events planned for the holidays or spending time with family. It is also a time of year that can be stressful. Children can be stressed too and can especially be aware of their parents’ stress. According to the American Psychology Association website, children “may find it difficult to recognize and verbalize when they are experiencing stress. For children, stress can manifest itself through changes in behavior. Common changes can include acting irritable or moody, withdrawing from activities that used to give them pleasure, routinely expressing worries, complaining more than usual about school, crying, displaying surprising fearful reactions, clinging to a parent or teacher, sleeping too much or too little, or eating too much or too little.” Stress can also manifest as physical symptoms such as a headache or stomachache. If you feel your child may be stressed, it can be a great time to talk about it as a family. If you are concerned and need support with helping your child cope with stress never hesitate to reach out to your child’s pediatrician, guidance counselor, school nurse or teacher.

Yearbooks are now on sale!

Related Arts Messages


  • 2nd grade and 4th grade students are preparing for their program on November 15th. The 2nd graders will perform at 6:15PM, and the 4th graders will perform at 7:00PM.
  • Kindergarten and 1st grade students are working on beat vs. rhythm.
  • The 3rd graders are progressing well on recorder and are now onto learning their yellow belt.

  • Fifth grade students are working on musical literacy through playing the recorder. The students just finished playing a piece entitle “Mountain of the Ice Dragon” which they enjoyed very much.

Media Messages:

November is the perfect month to get busy 'gobbling' up some good books! The library has lots of new titles on the way thanks to everyone's support of the recent bookfair! Continue to remind your students to bring back their library books on time so they can check out more and take advantage of this harvest of good reading!

The library continues to collect puzzles (24 and 100 piece), starburst candy, used and new books that are collecting dust on home shelves! and greeting cards! as you get ready for the holidays, remember we take new or old cards and recycle them into bookmarks!

Until next time, happy reading! and LOL!


October is Digital Citizenship month. We will be extending these lessons into November. Fifth Grade is working on stop action videos with their themes being Digital Citizenship. Fourth grade has created group Pledges to follow the guidelines of good Digital Citizenship. Second grade is working on writing about the general guidelines and First Grade is learning how to evaluate websites that are just right for them. Kindergarten is mastering the use of a mouse and how to navigate websites and practice clicking and dragging, with accuracy. Third Grade is working on a collaborative project with Third Graders from Tega Cay Elementary called Monster Exchange. They have created monsters in Google Drawing and are writing directions to share and exchange to recreate. We will see how the exchange goes!

Knitting Club

We have a small group of students and teachers all learning this new skill together. We hope to master the skill and make a blue hat “USE CRAFTING TO END BULLYING: #HATNOTHATE”.

If any fourth or fifth graders would like to join come to our next meeting November 13th or any second or fourth Tuesday of the month.


In PE, we will be talking about our health initiative this year, Healthy Together!

Healthy Together is an initiative that helps schools and other community programs improve upon their healthy food choices and physical activity opportunities. This program utilizes the 5-2-1-0 principles which makes it easy to incorporate healthy habits into your busy day!

5=Servings of fruits and veggies a day

2=2 hours or LESS of recreational screen time a day

1=One hour or MORE of physical activity a day

0=ZERO sugary drinks a day

This is what we are striving for each family to accomplish each day here at Springfield Elementary School! If you need any help with ideas, here are a few websites to point you in the right direction!




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