A Interview with Amanda Kerce

By: Paige Scott

High School Credit Class Turns Into Career

Mrs. Kerce learned ASL in high school for her credits. She majored at University of Texas at Arlington in socioligy. There was no clue that she would eventually become a ASL teacher. Mrs. Kerce is married and has 2 kids a dog and one chicken.

Classes Taught

  • ASL 2 (10-12)
  • ASL 3 (11-12)
  • ASL 4 (12)

Mrs. Kerce has a website students can access and use for help with assignments and class room procedure.


Mrs. Kerce teaches 10th - 12th graders. She teaches ASL 2,3, and 4. The room is warm clam and collected. There are several posters displaying ASL and the use of the language. Mrs. Kerce starts her class with a daily " voice-off" warm up. She shows videos of deaf people signing and has students do worksheets that correspond. Mrs. Kerce works for approximately 40 hours a week. Her biggest challenge is the mandates from the state. She says it takes a lot of self motivation, a 10 out of a 1-10 scale. Daily Mrs. Kerce takes attendance. There are baskets on every table with supplies.

Paige Scott