Red Rock Canyon

by Emma Dubreuil, Katie Lim, and Josephine Warren

Geological History

Red Rock Canyon (also known as the Keystone Thrust Fault) is a fracture of the crust where one rock plate is shoved horizontally over another. The thrust is shown in its in the two different rocks. The picture on the side shows the two different rocks and the contrasts of the two.

Aztec Sandstone

Created 180-190 million years ago, the great Aztec Sandstone cliff at Red Rock is now a great tourist attraction and picture taking spot. It is a large part during the Jurassic time. The process of lithification is the process of changing unconsolidated sediment into sedimentary rock.
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Created 250 million years ago, Limestone (the lighter part of the Red Rock Canyon) is a beautiful sight. It is made of fossils of sea life that flourished during the Palezoic Era. Thousands of miles of Limestone are found also in LaMadre Mountain. MOre than 500 million years ago Red Rock Canyon NCA was at the bottom of an ocean basin.

How Did Red Rock Canyon Get The Red Color?

The red color of the Aztec Sandstone is caused by the iron oxide. The rocks were both exsposed to this chemical it starts to rust. Depending on how mucgh was exposed to the rock it could be a deep/light red, deep/light orange or a deep/light brown. The picture below shows the different colors.
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Historical and Cultural Connection

With dependable water, plant and animal life is better than in the surrounding desert. The abundance of plant and animal food sources made Red Rock Canyon very attractive to hunters and gatherers such as the historical Southern Paiute and the much older Archaic, or Desert Culture Native Americans. These cultures traveled in small mobile groups that ranged over large areas of land following the ripening of various plant foods. Red Rock Canyon was an important stop on their seasonal rounds.
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Tourist Appeal

Red Rock Canyon shows amazing views you wouldn't see near a city. Red Rock has beautiful desert landscapes,red cliffs and wildlife. The Canyon receives 1.2 million visitors a year. One of the most popular places for climbers is Keystone Thrust, Icebox Canyon, and Pine Creek Canyon Oasis.

Hope To See You at Red Rock!

QUIZ QUESTION (were you paying attention?)

What other colors does Red Rock Canyon have?

a) brown, green, red

b) red, orange, yellow

c) red, orange, brown

d) brown, red, yellow