How your librarian can assist you


  • Critical thinking and hands on activities provided in the library.
  • Provide book talks and a list of the latest to motivate students to read.
  • Teach students how to be ethical users of information by reviewing netiquette, internet safety and online social media tools.


  • Provide training on available online electronic resources and e-books.
  • Connect students to websites that contain content for them to use with your class.
  • Provide 15 minute after-school technology "one-shots for teachers on Google and Microsoft word.
  • Collaborations encouraging the use of online tools and personal learning networks.
  • Assistance with the creation of classroom websites.


  • Collaborate with you to create co-teaching lessons that are inquiry based.
  • Provide access to a myriad of resources that you may not have heard of or thought of.
  • Create a common vocabulary of research terms across the school community.


  • Build collaborative partnerships within grade level teams, in the school, and the community at large.
  • Attendance at school/community events to share the latest of what the library has to offer.
  • Promote school-wide reading initiatives and book clubs based on interest.


  • Programming and book selections made with the assistance of the Library Advisory Council (LAC).
  • In-service training on e-books, online resources,
  • Strive to create a learning commons atmosphere that will be accessible to all 24-7 online.

Monique Howe-Freeman, Librarian

Please let me know how I can best serve you and your students this year! Or just stop by for a cup of coffee and conversation! We would love to see you in the library!