Industrial Revolution

Seth Taylor

What is the Industrial Revelution?

Q: What was the Industrial Revolution?

A: The Industrial Revolution was when people made machines to make better products. A machine that changed many of people's lives was the steam engine.

Q: Where did the Industrial Revolution Begin?

A; It started in the United Kingdom.

Q: How did it make life better and worse?

A: The Industrial Revolution make life better by make products better and faster. Interchangeable parts were also created that made life better. Many people had to long hours and bad labor conditions however. Children had to work and they only had 10-14 hours of rest.

What other things do I need to know about the Industrial Revolution?

Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Q: What is a Invention of the Industrial Revolution?

A: There is a lot of Inventions of the Industrial Revolution but here is a common one the cotton gin.

Q: Who Invented it?

A: Eli Whitney Invented the cotton gin.

Q: What were the working conditions like in the factories during the Industrial Revolution?

A: Well there are many of bad working conditions but here are some: they were making children work, no minimum pay, and only 10-14 hours of rest.