New York

"The Empire State"

What is known as "Wall Street" today...

This area of New York represents the center of finance for the world. Before it came to represent finance, in 1660, there was literally a wall that symbolized the most northern part of settlement on Manhattan Island. Some things have changed and some have stayed the same over the years in the Wall Street area of Manhattan. Some of the original street grids are still locatable and what is Broad street now used to be a canal. For the most part, what would be the Dutch settlement footprints of New Amsterdam have disappeared.

The Day New Netherlands became New York

It seems like yesterday when I heard the word from many people talking that James, the Duke of York was sending a governor, 400 troops, and many warships to conquer what was once a small colony known to us as New Amsterdam. The Dutch surrendered to the English without a fight and the English then renamed the colony to New York. The new colony was not of just one group of people, the Dutch and the English resided and we all lived together peacefully. The diversity in religions attracted many people to the region but the primitive land and England's lack of being able to restore self government kept others away. While trying to come up with the best way to run the colony and send profit back to James, it was decided in 1683 that New York would be allowed to have an elective assembly. During a first meeting, the Dutch and English men tried to pass a "Charter of Liberytes and Privileges," but the King did not approve. If he would have then it would guarantee us as New Yorkers civil liberties and the continuing choice to self-government by our elected officials. The reasons the King did not approve was because It would have given us more rights than any other colonists, and the New York Assembly might undercut the power of the Parliament. The fact we did not have a secure self-government effected us in many ways. We as people started to fight with one another, with no political stability as well as primitive land ultimately slowed down our growth in population. All though we all knew that things would not stay like this forever, at the time we were lost and did not know what would ultimately happen. Hope is all we had left!