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By Darnell and Guerra 5/16/2016


Monday, May 16

NJHS Field Trip

Tuesday, May 17

Wednesday, May 18

Semester Exams- Periods 1 & 2

Thursday, May 19

Semester Exams- Periods 3 & 4

Band Concert, 6pm- DSAC

Friday, May 20

Semester Exams- Periods 5 & 6

NJHS Cookout

Share Exams in AWARE

Be sure you share your exams with Mrs. Guerra in AWARE so that answer documents may be printed for your classes. Please share exams by Tuesday.

Reviews for Semester Exams

Remember to send semester exam reviews home with students before they take their exam for your class. We have lots of review built into the schedule so that students can be successful on these tests. Please use that time to their advantage.

Oral Administration During Exams

The oral administration schedule will be e-mailed later today. Please note your assignment as everyone will be assigned a reading duty to help out during exams. Please meet the students at their testing room and take them to your classroom to read to them. Once they have completed their exam, they may return to class.

If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Guerra.

Thank you for your assistance in this!

Great Job Last Week!

Whew! We survived last week! You all did an amazing job last week during testing, testing, testing. Thank you for your hard work, cooperation, and team work!

Semester Due Dates

I know we are all busy and under the gun to get things done, please check all of your semester due dates to make sure you get things in on time.
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