The Strong Pilgrims By: Macy Entetrline


The Pilgrims had a long and tough time getting to America. When they settled in America they had to build everything. The Pilgrims had to plant and kill their own food to survive. When Squanto helped them, he taught them things that they did not know. When they were finally settled they lived a great life.

Settling in America

The Pilgrims came to America in hopes of having more freedom. They came to America because they wanted to explore and make money. But most importantly for their religious freedom. The Pilgrims came to America by one ship named the Mayflower that carried 102 passengers. They left England on September 6,1620 and got to America on December 26,1620. The first house they built was called the common house. (Meeting house, hospital, storage house and church.) That is how the new colonies got started.

Surviving in America

The Pilgrims survived in America with very limited amount of things. One thing that they survived with was their shelters. An average house was about 20 square feet. Also, it was only one room and the older kids slept in the attic. When the Pilgrims farmed, they planted corn, squash, nuts, berries and beans. One day an Indian named Samoset, introduced Squanto, who could speak perfect English. Then their life got a lot easier when they met Squanto.

Squanto helping the Pilgrims

Here are some things that Squanto did to help the Pilgrims. One thing that Squanto did to help the Pilgrims, was helping them build better houses. Squanto also helped them plant better crops. He also taught them how to hunt better. Squanto taught the Pilgrims a lot of tricks and once they caught on their life was a lot easier.


The Pilgrims had a great life after they moved over. When they first moved over, they had to build everything . After they had their houses built they had to plant crops for food. They were thankful when they met Squanto. Even though they had a tough time getting over, it was worth it.