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Planning your ending from the beginning

So many things to think about, yet so little time to prepare.

Our lives move so fast that we often forget the importance of planning for the worst. The cost of funerals are going up and there is nothing stopping them to continue to raise the cost, which puts many in the last minute pinch to buy all the items that families think their loved one want when they are gone.

What to do? When to do it? How it gets done.

Plan ahead is the best advice most will give when it comes to arraignments to their own funeral. No one likes to think about what casket they are going to be buried in, but it would better to plan everything down to detail, rather than worry about how much money your family will spend when it comes to laying you too rest.
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Do you have questions that you would like us to help you with? Please stop and talk to a counselor that can sit down with you and help you or your loved ones with the planning process.

Eternal Rest Funeral Home

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