Villanova University

Villanova, Maryland

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Villanova University is a private catholic college located in Villanova, Pennsylvania. It is about 150 miles from Huntingtown, Maryland, and to get there you could drive, take a bus, or take a train.

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Student and Campus Life

  • Currently about 7,118 undergraduate students enrolled in the University
  • About 4,400 students live in 26 different on campus residency halls, and there are 9 apartment halls that are reserved for the upper-class students
  • Many clubs and organizations students can become apart of including: Fraternities, Sororities, Sign Language Club, Business clubs, Math Clubs, Engineering Clubs, etc.
  • Offer a variety of Collegiate and Club level sports for students including: Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf. Volleyball, Football, Swimming, Lacrosse, Tennis Softball, etc.
Student Life at Villanova

2016 NCAA Divison I Basketball Champion!

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Notable Alumni

  • Bradley Cooper, attended from '93-'94
  • Maria Bello, graduated in '89
  • Jill Biden, graduated in '91
  • Albert Jacobs, graduated in '87
  • Scott O'Neill, graduated in '92

Applications and Admissions

  • Application fee: $80.00
  • 49% Acceptance Rate
  • Average SAT score of admitted students: 1310-1440
  • Average ACT score of admitted students: 31-33
  • Average GPA of admitted students (on a weighted scale): 3.89-4.34

Finance and Tuitions

  • About 49% of undergraduate students receive some type of financial aid
  • The average grant of financial aid given is $29,629
  • Tuition for all students $48,610 per year and $24,306 per semester
  • Housing Rates are $7,454 for single room, $6,946 for a double room, and $6,518 for a triple room per year
  • The unlimited meal plan is $6,550 per year