by TJ West

Saturn's movement

Saturn's rotation is only 10 hours long. That means its day is only 10 hours. It also takes 29 and a half earth years for Saturn to orbit the sun.
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8 Facts about Saturn

Saturn's location

Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun. Saturn is also 890,700,000 miles away from the sun. Saturn is 746 million miles away from Jupiter and is about 3,069,566,280 kilometers away from Neptune.

Saturn's Rings

The most famous thing about Saturn is its rings. Saturn's rings are thousands of miles long but only a few miles thick. A long time ago astronomers thought that Saturn's rings were moons that orbit the planet.
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Physical Properties of Saturn

Saturn looks pale yellow with rings around it. Saturn is a gas giant so its mostly made of gas such as Hydrogen, Hellium and others. Saturn's core is made of Iron and Nickel. The second layer is made of liquid Hydrogen. The outer most layer is made of gas.
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