Valentines Bluegrass

At Your Leeward Theatre

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About the Performers

Local and national bluegrass bands perform for a show-stopping evening of fun. Experience the country style musical fusion influenced by jazz and blues, along with virtuosic playing of banjos, guitars, and high-pitched close-harmony vocals. Your ears will be pleased and your toes will be tapping! Local banjo comedian Jordan Savusa and Tricky Britches will be headlining. Oahu bluegrass favorites the Saloon Pilots and the North Shore Ramblers round out the evening.

Jordan Savusa

Jordan Savusa is an all-around entertainer from Ewa Beach, Hawaii. He started his career as a regular opener for The Laugh Factory Hawaii, and was a company member with Hawaii's longest running improv troupe ON THE SPOT HAWAII. He was also a company member with Honolulu Theater for Youth, performing children's plays such as Charlotte's Web, Tasi's Gift, and Amahl and the Night Visitors. Jordan is a great fan of Bluegrass Music. At 19, He bought Steve Martin's Let's Get Small album. It was the first time he ever heard the banjo music and comedy intertwined so well together. Right after, Jordan taught himself how to play the five-string banjo, and started performing standup all over Honolulu. He is also a member of Bluegrass Hawaii, and organization dedicated to bluegrass and old-time music. He has played along with great local bluegrass bands, like Sam and the Sumo Ninjaz, and the North Shore Ramblers. Right now, Jordan is pursuing a sketch comedy career in Chicago, Illionois, studying at the world-renowned comedy institution, The Second City. He has faith that his hard work and everything he has learned will pay off one day, God-willing, and if they don't, he'll work the rest of his life at a hotel in Waikiki, playing bluegrass covers of Cecilio and Kapono and "Tiny Bubbles."

Tricky Britches

String band Tricky Britches is the product of mountain music, rockabilly, and country swing all thrown together into one room, to create something uniquely uplifting. Fiddle and Mandolin tear through honky-tonk rhythms, while lonesome harmonies pull the audience in until a spontaneous dance explosion occurs. Tricky Britches formed in 2009, when four friends in Portland, Maine, took their street-corner fiddle tunes and country songs on the road across the US. Since then they have recorded two albums of original material: Hard Fought Day and Good Company. They have played on stages big and small across the US, Hawaii, and Europe, but at the end of the day, their favorite show is still on a crowded street corner at midnight.

Saloon Pilots

Oahu bluegrass Saloon Pilots play progressive Bluegrass & Americana music. Performing bluegrass and American roots music in contemporary, rhythmic arrangements; Saloon Pilots present a new level of performance on the fiddle, 5-string banjo, guitar, and bass, to island audiences. Intricate vocal and instrumental renditions are a hallmark of this group that draws influence from the earliest origins of bluegrass music to a broad spectrum of the most recent contemporary musical artists. This dynamic group of performers not only plays the music expertly; but also carries on the tradition of showmanship in the manner in which they entertain their audiences. Providing a refreshing, innovative direction in music in the 50th State, Saloon Pilots play contemporary arrangements for today’s audiences while keeping firmly rooted in traditional Americana music.

North Shore Ramblers

The North Shore Ramblers formed two years ago as members were introduced and became friends through Bluegrass Hawaii, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the proliferation of bluegrass music throughout Hawaii. Bob and Virginia Hayes are married and have lived on the North Shore of Oahu for 25 years. She took up fiddling about 7 years ago. The band needed a bass player so Bob stepped into that role. Jeb Wiemer lives conveniently down the road where he builds and repairs guitars, ukuleles and other stringed instruments. Neal Snyder, originally from Kentucky, moved to Hawaii years ago as a paint contractor who loves to play the guitar and sing. The North Shore Ramblers play regularly at Jerry's Pizza in Waialua, the band stand in Waialua and at other private functions: “For us, it's all about having fun making music.”

Valentines Bluegrass

Saturday, Feb. 14th, 8-10pm

The Leeward Theatre, at Leeward Community College

Tickets will go on sale one hour before show time (7pm).

Seating is limited.