Ms. Hoffmann's Class

Fabulous Fourth Grade

Week of September 9th

Math Rotations

This week we are continuing work on place values as well as building in addition/subtraction word problems. In our classroom we are doing stations. Throughout the week the students complete six stations that focus on the topics we are learning. Last week we had stations developing bar graphs. This week our stations will focus on place values.


If you have heard your students talk about the problem solving chicken, this is our steps for problem solving. TPEC stands for Think, Plan, Execute, Check. We have a super hero chicken in our classroom to remind our students to slow down and think through the problem solving process. We have found that many of our students struggle to slow down and think through their math and therefore cannot discuss math. My goal is to help our students be able to talk about the math they are doing and why they are doing it.


This week are fluency will focus on multiples of tens. Yes, I know this sound easy, but the students are building a routine and building speed with the multiples they know before we move to more challenging numbers.


This will be our last week of science for the six weeks. We will be moving to Texas History for three weeks. In science we are learning how to compare matter using mass and volume.


Homework this week will be a math menu. Your students have practiced and we will talk about the one they have this week. If you have any question fill free to call or email me.


  • This week I will be absent on Tuesday for training.
  • Wednesday is Patriot Day
  • In case your child told you, I hit my head last week and was absent one day due to a concussion. I'm doing much better!
  • Check out your student's blog through my website.