Make College Affordable!

You want your children to be educated don't you?

My introduction

In my report I will tell you why college should be more affordable. I hope you are convinced by the end of my passage.

Why Even Go To College With Those Expenses!

Why come out of college with $40,000 - $60,000 in debt. Unless you are planning to have a high paying job right out of college why even go? If we do make college more affordable you will have a bright future without a lot of debt!

Around How Expensive College Is

Why do this to yourself, wasting life savings!

We need to stand up and fight!

We need to ban together and fight against overpriced colleges! We need to vote for the congress that will help us in our fight to get educated! Books that cost $400 that you only use once or twice that's rubbish! WE need to stand up together!

More Jobs Filled!

If college education was easier to get we would have more jobs everywhere! Especially jobs that need to be filled such as IT and computer coding! That's another reason college should be way more affordable.

More Solutions to Problems!

With college comes education with education comes practical solutions! Lets just say you can't get any clean water but you figure out how to make a water purifier. We will have more types of solutions like that if college was more affordable.


I hope you enjoyed my report on why college is too expensive GOODBYE!
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