Amy's Origami Owl Jewelry Bar!

Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

Thursday, May 1st, 6:30pm

3010 Grizzly Trail

Laurel, Mt

Mark your calendars to join us for FUN and the hottest GIFT around!

Have you seen Origami Owl lockets? They are beautiful customizable lockets you fill with charms that tell your story!

There are HUNDREDS of charms so whether it's for you, or someone you {love} you're sure to have a great time with THE GIRLS while you make your special keepsakes!

Prices range from about $35-$95 {on average} for a locket, a chain, charms, our adorable fortune cookie AND trademark takeout box! Perfect for gift giving! No one will get anything so THOUGHTFUL as a PERSONALIZED LOCKET made by YOU!

Ways to order:
  1. Place your order directly with Amy.
  2. Place your order online at or and in upper right hand corner enter Amy Lorash in the search field and change drop down to parties.
  3. Contact Mandy Charpentier - Independent Designer directly at or 406-690-7779 and have her add your order to the party!!

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