Naturalization Process

Jason Needham

The naturalization process

The naturalization process is the completion of a form to become a legal citizen in the US or you could be born under another citizen of another country and the other parent be of the USA or you could be born in the USA. With the completion of the form of Naturalization you would have to at least be eighteen years of age or you could get through if your parents pass the citizenship test but even so you would still have to have a lawful resident that lives in the US and has been present there for five years or more for the time of the application, but to take the application you must complete the form known as the N-400 form, you must also be fingerprinted and investigated, taking the oath of alliegence is also of primal importance otherwise you cant get into the USA. For making schedules for an interview you go to the local office with your identification from the country your from and answer questions about the application and background while taking the english and civics test then standby for their decision.