iPhone Battery

Answering the Issue of a Shortened iPhone Battery Life

A step towards the future has always been about improvement. Only a few companies have moved forward by going backwards, and this case is usually particular with regards to failing companies. However, Apple is not a failing company. It has becoming better and bolder with good results as the years progress. That is why Apple can only move forward with more innovations in store.

This year, it has been reported that the company is planning on releasing two new phones. One is set to make its debut in the market on September, and the other will be released towards the end of the year. With these new phones, you can expect some major changes both in its internet and external design.

With regard to the iPhone, photos have been leaked that would connect the changes that Apple has been planning for a very long time. These photos show their most recent iPhone battery which is set to be installed in the iPhone 6 and the iPhone phablet.

Based on the pictures which were leaked in the internet, the batteries are larger than their usual sizes, which led many to speculate, especially those who are die hard fans of the company, that the battery life will be much longer than the usual. It is only logical to think that way. Size does usually equate to more power.

In addition, upon closer observation, the pictures also reveal that the new iPhone battery also has its connectors placed at a different location, and it also looked different than the usual. This has also led other to conclude that the new iPhone will have an overhaul with regards to its internal design. So, if that is the case, the iPhone 6 will not only have its face changed, but users should also expect some changes in the components and how the inside of your phone will look like.

All these teasers and features are making avid iPhone fans very excited for its release.

The matter regarding the iPhone battery having a longer life however is nothing new. Apple has been teasing about it for months already. Moreover, this may have come as one of the ideas that the company has been working on since this has been a popular suggestion among current iPhone 5 and 5S users, and it has been one of the most pressing issues faced by the device for a long time. That is why executives have been looking into the problem, and hopefully these new batteries will be able to provide them.

On the other hand, problems regarding the iPhone battery life have been hinted to have been caused by several factors including the constant updates provided by the iOS 7. They may have solved some of the issues, but the problem with how it handles the power in the battery has never been totally solved yet. Hopefully, this one is capable of resolving such issue.

Change is all about moving forward and addressing issues from the past. Hopefully the updated version of the batteries that Apple are installing in their new devices is up to the challenge of satisfying its future users.

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