Bull Sharks

Samantha D'Aunno

Text Message

“ Hey! I went back in the water today. It was so cool. I found out that one of the sharks is gonna be a mama!! That was probably why she was acting all weird yesterday. But we were able to give her some medication to help. I now know that I want to stay here in this water for a while so that I can keep up with all of these new babies coming into the world.”

Diary Entry

Thursday, May 23, 2013

“Today I went into the water again. They were cal at first but began to get more feisty. Normally I can get up close, but not today. The sharks did not look to be in a very calm manner. It seemed different. I couldn’t get close. I’m going back into the water tomorrow to get a better look. I wonder if something could be happening. Either way, I’m going tomorrow to find out.”

Poem "A Bull's Life"

I see you swimming, alone and invulnerable.

You don't seem to care what is happening around you at this point.

But it almost seems as if something is wrong.

Your life,

you mate

you swim

you feed

It's a Bull's Life

In the water something seems wrong.

I can't place my finger on it.

Whatever it is,

you are avoiding it like the plague.

What's wrong?

Will you live?

Stay, you are in your life.

A Bull's Life

Life for long,

and stay for longer

Expository "Bull Sharks"

When I got in the water today, it seemed different. Why did this feel so weird? It wasn't natural. I have been doing this for so many years. I knew everything about my sharks, I know where they are to be found, I know what their behavior is like. But nothing in this water seemed to fit anything that could be wrong. I needed to find out for my safety and for the safety of the animals near me.

I got in and everything seemed fine except for the unfaithful feeling in my stomach. Why was everything all of a sudden acting all different? As my crew helped me into my diving gear, I began to think that going in the water would have been more dangerous. But then again, as a diver and someone who learns more and more about these animals everyday, it was my job to go into the water and find out what the problem was.

Getting in the water everything seemed right. I was happy, nothing was coming out and getting ready to attack. I was prepared, but I knew that animals of a sharks size could sense fear from a mile away. I had to stay and be calm. I knew that the worst thing to ever do was freak out in the middle of a dive. I gathered myself, and my emotions, and began cruising around as I always do in a dive.

Everything seemed fine, but after a while, my feeling of dismay came over me. I knew something was about to happen, and it wasn't going to be good. I got ready, prepared and began to see in the distance a figure much larger than normal sharks I have dealt with. I knew it was a shark by the way it swam and how it looked. I stayed still watching it, making no sudden moves. It came around to me and swam right past. I was close enough to touch it's fin and go. It was amazing, but I did know that this shark was different. It was it's size. It was much larger than normal. I had a feeling it was a female by the way it swam, it had that plump bump on its bottom half facing the ground. It was different. This female shark was pregnant. That was the feeling that was so weird. But that was it, this shark was about to have another baby. It was beautiful. A new life coming into our ocean. Amazing. I loved it, I got out of the water, and watched from above. Amazingly, it gave birth right there. I knew that there was no way I could leave, but I couldn't get back in the water for a few days with a new shark. They will be protecting it. But a new life, it was great. More sharks to watch and see swim and live. I couldn't wait to get back into the water.