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Happenings In Panther Nation - March 2021

Some of you remember me mentioning my knee issues in the May 2017 Westwood Way, and instead of getting better, they took a turn for the worse in June 2020.

As I was walking one afternoon, I felt a sharp pain in the inside of my left knee. I continued walking back to the house, applied ice, and tried resting it. The pain did not go away but did become somewhat manageable. Before leaving on vacation, I visited my orthopedic doctor, Dr. Johnson, hoping that injections would cure my issues. While the injections helped with the pain caused by arthritis, they did not remove all the pain.

During the Fall Semester, I tried to manage the continuing pain with medication and by reducing or modifying my workouts. Eventually, I tried a knee brace designed to reduce the pressure on the inside of my left knee. As with many things, the brace seemed to help but eventually became more of a burden than a help.

As we moved into the Spring Semester, I was forced to reduce how much I was walking due to the increasing pain. Many of you probably noticed that I haven’t been as visible on campus, and this is the reason. As the pain continued to intensify, I realized that I needed to make a drastic change in order to be active. Eventually, Dr. Johnson and I decided that I would have arthroscopic surgery to alleviate the pain.

On March 3, Dr. Johnson performed a very successful surgery, and now I am working through rehab and, hopefully, a full recovery. The pain that I started experiencing in June is gone, and I am beginning to walk without a limp. It is so great to begin getting back pain-free movement, but now I am frustrated that as I spent so much time trying different techniques, I was actually avoiding the change that now is bringing so much relief!

In our personal and professional lives, just like the pain in my knee, we have events introduced into them. The experiences aren’t always bad, but they are different than the way we are operating. We accept the situation, manage it, and continue with our task as the change sticks around and impacts us in the background.

As the experience continues, we pursue different relief techniques hoping that they will eliminate the stress and our life will return to normal. We tend to stretch this process out over an extended time and typically introduce additional stressors in our own life.

Eventually, just like the pain in my knee driving me to surgery, the new piece introduced into our life causes so much discomfort that we know we have to explore change. And so many times, the best change is the exact change we have been resisting. We tend to resist this change simply because it is different than what we are doing or because we have become what my Grandad referred to as “stubborn as a mule.” In the end, we benefit from the change and realize that we would have progressed much sooner if we had just instituted the change!

Change is inevitable! We can be an active part of the change, or we can fight change, and it will negatively impact us. I encourage you to reflect on your life, identify areas in which every indicator points towards change, and then identify why you haven’t changed and how you can be an active participant in the change!


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School Board Update

During the MarchBoard Meeting, the following items came before the School Board:

Christine Bedre presented an overview of Pre-K instructional materials to be purchased through Proclamation 21.

Kyle Johnson presented an update on the Year To Date budget, 2nd Quarter Tax Report, and the Property Value Study.

Kyle Johnson presented an overview of Lemons Auctioneers, an online auction platform for disposing of capital assets.

Josh Schultz presented the annual maintenance report.

The Board of Trustees and administration discussed the advantages and disadvantages of continuing all current COVID mitigation procedures, including the mandatory face coverings and discontinuing the mandatory face coverings. This discussion was held since the Texas Education Agency provided guidance that the wearing of face coverings was still required even after Governor Abbott had rescinded the Executive Order mandating it unless the local School Board modifies or eliminates it by formal action.

The Board of Trustees approved the budget amendment as presented.

The Board of Trustees approved the Quarterly Investment Report as presented.

The Board of Trustees approved the Missed School Day waiver to cover the days missed during the closure due to inclement weather.

The Board of Trustees approved the resolution to compensate employees during the school closure due to inclement weather.

The Board of Trustees approved paying premium pay ($5.00 above hourly pay) for hourly employees that provided on-site essential services during the school closure due to inclement weather.

The Board of Trustees approved the curriculum supply approval for Proclamation 21.

The Board of Trustees approved the continuation of all COVID mitigation procedures, including the wearing of face coverings, for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.

Contracts for the 2021-2022 school year were acknowledged as presented.