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January 2018

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ATTN: Junior & Senior High Parents (EHS)

January, 2018

Dear Junior and Senior High (EHS) Parents,

All students in High School are required to be vaccinated for Meningitis (MCV4) and Hepatitis A (Hep A) and are recommended to be vaccinated against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and the new Meningitis B Vaccine.. See Below for note re: HEP A. The MenB shots are NEW vaccines (called Trumenba or Bexsero) approved in late 2014-early 2015. They cover meningococcal serogroup B, while the previous meningitis shots (called Menactra, Menveo or Menomune) cover serogroup A, C, W & Y. Those diseases are also very serious, so please be sure your last booster for those shots was at age 16 or later. You will not have protection against the MenB disease without these vaccinations.

We will be offering both the regular Meningitis vaccines as well as the new Meningitis B Vaccine (which is the more prevalent of the Meningitis infections. We will also be offering HEP A (this affects any student who previously did NOT get the HEP A 2 dose vaccine series and was previously allowed to "age-out" of the requirement (i.e. if they had not had it by a certain age, they were not required to have it previously. Effective in 2019, HEP A will be required for those students who previously did not get it because they did not get it by a certain age.

The Monroe County Public Health Clinic is working with EHS to give children these vaccinations at school on Thursday, February 22cd, 2017 from 9 am till finished so you won’t need to miss work.

If your child does not have insurance or has Medicaid, there is not a charge for the vaccine(s) if your child has insurance that covers vaccines at any level, Monroe County Public Health Clinic must bill the insurance company (there should be no difference in price, only in convenience). They are able to bill most major companies. These companies will be listed on the consent form that will be mailed out to all students in the 11th and 12th grades who have not previously obtained this (these) vaccines. Watch your mail for the consent letter, Health Questionnaire, and Insurance information form. If your child is covered with Medicaid or does not have insurance, please indicate that on the forms. If you do not want your child to have the required or recommended Vaccinations, please contact the School Corporation Nurse or the EHS Health office to fill out a religious exemption form (If not already done for those vaccines).


School Lunch Information

Elementary Schools: $1.10 Breakfast, $2.55 Lunch

Secondary Schools: $1.35 Breakfast, $2.70 Lunch

If you get free or reduced lunch, you get free or reduced breakfast too!

Reduced Meals: $.30 Breakfast, $.40 Lunch

It's not too late: Please complete a financial assistance form on Harmony during your registration process. Also, don’t forget to “Set it and Forget It” on www.myschoolbucks.com to refill your student’s lunch account. Our district is an online payment district, however, if it is necessary to pay by check, please do so prior to school starting at the Nutrition Services Director’s office located at the RBBCSC Service Center. 812-876-7100

Our breakfast trays consists of either 2 Whole Grain Components or 1 Whole Grain and 1 Protein Component, a Fruit (sometimes a Vegetable) and a Milk. All reimbursable trays must include the fruit/vegetable component.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Bowling, Golf, and Quick Tens

Contributed by Mr. Hopkins, SES Principal

Over Winter Break, I had the pleasure of taking my children to the bowling alley. Today bowling alley all about automated scoring, emojis, messaging between lanes, and a goofy looking turkey trotting across the screen. My, how bowling alleys have changed! I can remember when I was a kid, you would go in, pick out your shoes (freshly sprayed with a can of Lysol), and then we would pick out a lane. Of course, I always forgot to grab a pencil and scorecard. Do you miss "the good ol' days" of bowling like I do? Every time I go bowling with my kids, I am still able to hold onto the paper/pencil lifestyle. The bowling alley is a great place to have a little fun with math computation! While we were bowling, I had a little sheet of paper next to me where I wrote down how many pins were hit after each round. My kids were then able to add their score and check it with the automated system. My first-grade student was mentally adding 8+5, knowing that she could take 3 away from the 8 to make 5+5+3. She knew that got her to 13. My daughter was able to practice making a "Quick Ten." My son, who is thirteen, was able to do math quicker and more efficiently, not needing to think through the "Quick Ten" at his age.

Bowling is a great winter activity for my family, but my true JOY comes in the Spring when I am able to get out and play some golf. I take my son with me, who likes to drive the cart. He knows that if I let him drive the cart, he is responsible for keeping score. Now, when we go to "fancy" courses, there may be a little computer on the cart to keep the score, but 99% of the time, we are riding on a traditional cart with the little pencil and scorecard. When we hit Hole #9, that is when my son starts adding. What has been great to watch is that he doesn't add the score beginning with the first hole... My son looks to make "Quick Tens." He jumps around the card to add 6+4, 3+3+4, etc. It truly is fun to sit back and watch the wheels turn in his head.

Whether you are at the bowling alley, on the golf course, or just walking through the grocery store, look for ways to engage your children in making "Quick Tens." You may need to help them break the number down into smaller parts, as I mentioned in bowling, but it is a skill that will help your children to understand how numbers truly work on a daily basis.

Edgewood Early Childhood Center (EECC) Preschool - PreK

EECC Website Link

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Important Dates LINK

Tuesday, February 13: Valentine Luncheon (information to come home)

Edgewood Primary School (EPS) K-2

EPS Website Link

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Lunch Reservation LINK

Important Dates Link

Thursday, February 1: PTO Meeting 6:30 p.m. Gathering Room
Monday - Friday, Feb. 4-9: Jump Rope for Heart

Tuesday, February 13: Skate Night at Western Skateland 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Robotics in K-5!

Students at EPS, SES, and EIS have been working hard for the past several weeks learning about, building, and controlling VEX robots. Their first competition scheduled at Crane was postponed due to weather, however their second scheduled competition was met with perfect weather on Saturday, Jan. 20th at Stinesville.

Stinesville hosted 13 teams from 5 schools, some from locations as far as Indianapolis this past Saturday morning. Each "battle" consisted of 2 members from each team, and each battle lasted 60 seconds. After 39 rounds, the top 6 teams went on to the finals.

To earn points, the teams had to either move rings around the board or dump a row of rings by using the robot to hit the release bar. To maximize points, the versing teams had to work TOGETHER to devise a strategy before the competition by talking to one another about who would attempt each task.

The theme for the day was TEAMWORK and it showed! Not only did students from southern and central Indiana "battle" each other; they also supported each other. This was clear by the very positive atmosphere of the morning and by how well the students worked with one another. At one point the table for EIS collapsed and a team from another school jumped in to help pick up the tiny pieces.

Although the EPS PonyBots or EIS Eagles didn't make it to the finals, they were able to cheer on Stinesville as they made it to the end winning the TEAMWORK CHALLENGE trophy.

A special thanks to all of the elementary school administrators, school staff members, and especially to our STEAM Coaches, Amanda Henry and Jaime Miller for organizing the event as well as coaching their teams for the past several weeks.

Edgewood Intermediate School (EIS) 3-5

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Important Dates Link:

Friday, January 26: College Spirit Day
Thursday, February 1: GUYS' Night Out 6:00 -8:15 p.m. (Must RSVP)

Wednesday, February 7: Dine & Donate at BJ's! Everyone is invited!

Thursday, February 8: GIRLS' Night Out 6:00 -8:15 p.m. (Must RSVP)

Tuesday, February 13: Skate Night at Western Skateland 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Thursday, February 15: PTO Meeting, 6:00 p.m. Library

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Stinesville Elementary School (SES) K-5

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Monday, January 29: Grades 3-5 students visit EIS; 9:15 - 10:15
Saturday, February 3: Robotics Competition at Needmore Elem. (Bedford); 7:30 - 4:30
Thursday, February 8: PTO Meeting; 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Tuesday, February 13: PTO Skate Night at Western Skateland 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Friday, February 23: Grades K-2 students visit EPS; 10:25 - 1:10

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The new STEAM Family Challenge for January is up on our R-BB STEAM website so be sure to check it out and challenge your kiddos to use any one of our inevitable snow days to show off their engineering design skills!
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Edgewood Junior High School (EJHS) 6-8

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PTO Apparel Sale LINK: Sale closes on October 2nd.

Important info: EHS & EJHS Winter Athletic Pocket Schedules are now available.

Pick them up in your school office.

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PTO Events:


If you are a Kroger shopper, you can now benefit EJHS simply by doing what you do every week, grocery shopping! Follow these directions to get the EJHS PTO linked to your Kroger Plus Card. Then, every time you use your Plus Card, Kroger makes us a donation. Anyone is welcome to participate in this program. They do not need to have a student in the district or even live in the area! They just need to shop at Kroger and link their Plus Card.

Step 1: Go to krogercommunityrewards.com.

Step 2: Click ‘create an account,’ or if you already have an account, sign in and skip to step 5.

Step 3: Enter account information, and click ‘create an account.’

Step 4: Add your Kroger card and click ‘save.’

Step 5: Click ‘enroll’ under the community rewards header.

Step 6: Type “EDGEWOOD JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL PTO” or our number 11557, and hit ‘search.’

Step 7: Select EDGEWOOD JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL PTO and click ‘enroll.’

Step 8: Optional: Register your phone # as your alternate ID so you can use it at the register.

Step 9: Use your card or phone number when shopping at Kroger to fundraise for EJHS

Please continue to view Daily Announcements (LINK) that are sent from the school to keep up with important information.

Edgewood High School (EHS) 9-12

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Important info: EHS & EJHS Winter Athletic Pocket Schedules are now available.

Pick them up in your school office.

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Please continue to view Daily Announcements (LINK) that are sent from the school to keep up with important information.

Graduation 2018 Link

Scholarship Information: Students in grades 9th -12th

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Monroe County Public Library PROGRAMS

Looking for something FUN and EDUCATIONAL to do with the kids?

Click here to view MCPL's 2017 Fall Program Guide.

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Ivy Tech Offers Classes for Youth

Click HERE to see all of the classes offered for youth and adults in the

Center for Lifelong Learning.

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