Welcome to Lineville

By: Hunter losse

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Hello 4th grader I'm here to help you to know what's diffrent at Lineville!


Here at Lineville we do music. I'm guessing you had music at your old school but we have band, orchestra and choir. You can chose any music choice that you are interested in. You can play for your parents too if you want. Also can make cool sounds if you choose music. So impress your friends. Hope you do good.


Another thing that is different at Lineville is gym. Gym is different at Lineville because you have to change into your gym clothes before and after gym you change clothes. Also we do hoops for heart and not jump rope for heart. We also do archery, D.A.R.E. We also don't have one gym teacher, we have three gym teachers. So have lots of fun in gym.


Lunch is different at Lineville also because you have three things you could eat at lunch. The three things you could choose to eat are the district meal which changes every day. Also, you could have the commons meal which is the same each week. Finally, the other thing you could choose is cold lunch. You could also choose other things for a la carte which is like sides to your lunch like cookies and other things. Finally you can have seconds on your food so if you're still hungry you can get more things. Those are the things that are different about lunch at Lineville.


At Lineville we don't have teachers walk us to classes we have teachers stay in the room and wait for the other group. We also have tape on the ground colored red and blue. The red tape means to be quite. Then the blue tape means that you can talk but quitely. We also have to carry all our stuff class to class. Don't get lost in the hallways of Lineville.


http://linevillehssd.weebly.com/5th-grade-houses.html We have houses at Lineville not houses to sleep in. We have houses to learn from like each house does something different. Some houses eat lunch together at the same time. Some houses are more strict than others. Some houses give more homework too. So hope you get in a good house.


That was all the things that you needed to know about Lineville. So I hope you have a good first year!