The Reuters Take Louisville

Churchill Downs

Thursday, April 7: Before our team started playing today, (We have an afternoon pool so our games don't start until 3:00) we went to Churchill Downs. Churchill Downs is where the Kentucky Derby is held each year. We toured behind the scenes and went through the museum. We even got to see some racehorses work out. It was really cold and windy though! Caden enjoyed seeing all the sights and really liked riding the pretend horse in the museum. We also got to see the grave of Barbaro, a famous Kentucky Derby winner, who was injured in the Preakness and had to be put down.

Volleyball Update

So far the team is doing very well. They came in second in their pool on Thursday, beating Minnesota and St. Louis and losing to Penn St. Then they won their challenge match on Friday against Miami, which put them in a championship power pool. They came in second in the power pool, beating Dayton and losing to UW Madison. On Saturday, they will be in gold bracket and will start the day off against Ohio State.

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

Friday, April 8: After our team finished playing today, we went to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. It was really cool to tour. We got to see how they make all their bats. We even got to hold some actual MLB player bats, like Derek Jeter, Willie McCove, and more. Caden enjoyed playing with his mini souvenir bat. There was also a Ripley's Believe Itor Not section, where we saw a Star Wars scene made out of duct tape and a model of Yankee Stadium made out of toothpicks.