Health Concerns

Middle Childhood


-Awareness of mid-range of sound develops first

-high-range then low-range develops next

-ear infections- can cause hearing loss without treatment

-developing Eustachian tube prevents bacteria


-At 6, child is ready to read!

-ability to focus improves

-many may be nearsighted (cannot see far)

-corrective lenses help fix nearsightedness

-25% of children will need corrective lenses

-have eyes checked regularly by doctor


-children begin to loose baby teeth

-facial bones grow to accommodate permanent teeth

-may become self-conscious due to tooth-loss

-tooth decay is a common problem

-poor teeth hygiene habits/sugar = cavities

-brush teeth after every meal with them

-encourage regular dental checkups/ healthy diets


-characterized by excessive body fat

-20% more weight than average = obese

-affects 25% of middle childhood children

-over-weight children may lack self-esteem

-causes include inheritance through parents/ physical inactivity

-physical inactivity can cause obesity

-over-weight children often become over-weight adults