Nike Gaming Controller

Just Play It

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Target Market

There is millions of people who love playing video games and millions of people who like Nike so why not combine both. So this controller is for the lovers of Nike and gaming so this is for people that are teens and adults. Gaming and Nike will be revolutionized when Nike, Sony, and Microsoft work together to make this happen. With also the people (you) choosing what color you want to have even if it's not on the list (press other if color you want isn't there).

Product Price

So the price of the controllers will be $287.59 and also with $472.59 for a limited time only deal because controllers are about $70 dollars then customized controllers are $150 so with this controller being customized and being apart of Nike this is a fair price.


Since these are going to become brand new we are doing Twenty percent off the first 2 weeks it's released lowering the price of $287.59 to becoming $230.19. Plus you will a discount code the next time you want to buy a Nike controller or other Nike product. Within that 2 weeks you can also choose to have your FAVORITE player signed with Nike to sign your controller changing the price to $375.19 (20% discount already included).

Successful or Failure?

In my opinion this will be a success since millions of people buy things that Nike makes from shoes, hoodies, gloves so why not a controller. Besides why would you want a regular controller instead of a full customized one by Nike. With also being signed with Your favorite player signed with Nike people are gonna love them.

where can you buy it?

So you can buy your controller online or at your closest retail store. Just note that you can only get your favorite player signature on it if you buy it online.