Young girls made a difference

By: Abby LaMunyon

About Animal abuse and shelters

Many animals are being abused or killed each day. Faye and Ayhe are two girls that made a difference on the world by help to stop animal abuse. Together we can stop animal cruelty. People like Faye and ayhe help stop animal abuse. When you are a young volunteer its hard because you have to juggle school work and animal work. Faye is 16 and volunteered with her local branch of animal control giving animals another opportunity at life. She helps re-home dozens of abandoned dogs and cats. Ahye is very serious when it comes to helping animals. because she cares about animals and doesn’t want to see them be put down. Ahye started an international organization what it does is to help stop animal abuse. Faye and Ahye are two young teens who made a difference in the world. By helping stop animal cruelty.

There are many kinds of shelters. Animal shelters are supported by charities because they donate money to help the shelters provide food and water. Shelters provide a temporary home for dogs and cats and other animals. Some people think that they kill them because its to much money. If an animal is up for adoption why do they kill them after a time period. Some shelters try to keep animals as long as possible because it makes some people feel bad that they have to put them down. No kill shelters will do all in there power to find a great new home.They do this because they want to put them in a nice loving home that will take care of them and will never leave them in the middle of nowhere to die.

Many animals are being abused or killed each day, organizations are raising awareness to help animals. Luckily some shelters will provide food and water and will keep them until they get adopted. Those are the no kill shelter who will keep them as long as possible.