Just Ride It


This new product for Nike is a new and improved Dressage Saddle. Made from genuine leather and hand tooled/ branded (hand Made). This product is built tough for everything. You're going to feel comfortable with an extra cushioned seat and look great in and out of the arena.

Target Market

The target market for my new product are for all serious dressage riders. The reason being is because riders are of all ages no matter how young or old people are they still ride seriously. So anybody can use this great product!


The Nike saddle will have promotion on billboards, TV Commercials, Radio Commercials, Get an Olympic gold medalist to be in our commercials.

Sucess Or Failure?

I feel like this product will be successful because Nike is such a huge sport Product and apparel company that adding dressage products to the list of what they already have would strengthen their company even more . The dressage world is such a large industry that I feel like it would be a hit not a failure