Pamlico Sound

By: Julianna Askew


The Pamlico Sound is a shallow body of water located in the eastern coast of the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Why is it important?

Estuaries help prevent major flooding from the mainland so people and animals are not harmed. The animals in the estuaries filter pollutants out of the water.

Threats to my Estuary

North Carolina estuaries are harmed by changes to the land bordering and surrounding the estuaries. Global warming is a major threat causing sea levels to rise. Rising sea levels threaten the swamp forests, which can withstand only temporary flooding. Dredging of channels to allow boats to ride by are a harm to the fish and wildlife. Humans can impact the lifestyle of the living creatures there as well.

Waterways that feed into the Pamlico sound

  • Tar River
  • Neuse River
  • Roanoke River
  • Albemarle River