Westview Wildcat Weekly

September 13 - 17, 2021

Westview Community,

Thank you for a successful start to this school year. We have missed our students and staff and have been eager for this week for quite some time. This week was spent building community and reestablishing relationships. We have spent some time away from in-person instruction and we want to dedicate time to make sure all students are ready to begin this school year.

Westview students are doing a great job keeping masks on and following distance guidelines. It appears our students understand the need to do our part to help keep us safe and in school.

Thank you!

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Monday, September 13 - A Day

Girls Soccer vs Clackamas 7pm

Tuesday, September 14 - B Day

Senior Class Meeting 1pm

Wednesday, September 15 - A Day

Thursday, September 16 - B Day

Volleyball vs Mountainside 6:45pm

Boys Soccer vs South Salem 7pm

Friday, September 17 - A Day

Parent Square Calendar Link

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BSD Back to School Questions and Guidelines

Click here for updated guidance and FAQs

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Mr. Pedersen's Welcome Message to Our Students

Welcome Video
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Student Parking Pass


The highlights are that:

  • Parking passes will be available for sale in the main lobby to Seniors only during both lunches and during 8th period during the week of 9/13-9/17. Seniors will need to bring this completed form, their driver's license, and $20, cash or check.
  • Parking passes will be available to Juniors via a lottery beginning on 9/20. Juniors can sign up for the lottery using this form.
  • Enforcement of parking will begin on 9/27
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Student Drop-Off

Families please remember the north-side of the parking lot is for student drop-offs. This morning 9/10 there was an incident where a student was dropped off on 185th and was hit by a vehicle crossing the street. Please do not stop on 185th to let your student out of the car.
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Parking at Westview

Traffic flow before and after school can be chaotic. We would like to minimize the chaos as much as possible by establishing clear routes for drop-off and pick-up locations. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. The true secret to arriving to school on-time and with less traffic is arriving early. The traffic route on the North-side is for drop-offs, and the other traffic route is on the South-side for student drivers. On the South-side, remember that students are parking and then walking to the building. For safety, we do not want any drop-offs happening here. Please do not drop off students on the South side. All Drop-offs should only happen on the North Side. Please follow the route on the map.

We also want to make you aware of our current student parking situation at Westview High School. Many neighborhoods surrounding Westview have restricted parking on their streets. They have signs posted on their streets that say "No Parking Except By Permit." Please do not park in their neighborhoods to avoid ticket fees and/or potential towing.

We ask our Westview drivers to please be kind, respectful, and follow all traffic and parking rules when driving and parking on school grounds.
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Senior Class Meeting - Next Tuesday 1pm

Seniors, be sure to make plans to attend your senior class meeting next Tuesday. You will receive information needed to ensure you are set for graduation and a great senior year!
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Openings in a Few Classes. First lottery will occur 9/14, last lottery 9/17

Now that the school year has started, we have analyzed our Master Schedule and found a few courses that have room for students. The list of what classes and their corresponding period and semester is below. To be eligible to switch a class or add a class to one of the classes on this list, please read the requirements. If you meet the requirements, please

submit the linked google form. Counselors and administrators will review the submissions. Student selection into AP or dual credit classes with open spaces will be first given to students who do not have any AP or dual credit classes in their current schedule. All other class selections will be by lottery. Students will be notified if they have been selected when their schedule changes. Follow your current schedule in Synergy. If you do not hear from your counselor by September 17, you were not selected for the class in the lottery.

Classes with Openings - Please see the Course Planning Guide on the Website for Course Prerequisite Requirements. Many of the classes on the list are not available for 9th graders.

AP Biology - Period 2

AP Chemistry - Period 3

AP English Language - Period 3, 4, 7

AP Physics C - Period 7

AP Studio Art - Period 7

AP Music Theory - Period 6

AP Statistics - Periods 1, 3, 6

AP World History - Periods 1, 7

AP Economics - Period 3

AP US History - Periods 2, 4, 5

AP Government - Periods 2, 3

Concert Band - Period 3

Early Education Internship - Period 3

Foods 2 - Period 3 Sem 1, Period 5 Sem 2

Function Analysis Trig - Periods 3, 5

Human Anatomy & Physiology - Periods 1, 5, 7

Manufacturing II - Periods 5/7 Block

Marketing II - Period 1

PreCalculus - Periods 1, 7

Spanish IV - Periods 1, 5

Spanish V - Period 4

Treble Choir - Period 6

Tenor/Bass Choir - Period 7

TV News - Period 2 Sem 1 or Period 2 Sem 2

Requirements to be able to switch a class

  1. You must meet the prerequisites to enter the class.
  2. You must be willing to drop what is in your schedule now for the period that has open spots
  3. You must meet the grade level requirements to take the class (Ex: Manufacturing II is for seniors only)

I want to switch a class form

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Welcome Class of 2025!

Welcome 9th Grade!
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Westview High School has a proud tradition of excellence and we continue to strive for academic gains across all curricular areas for all students. One essential component in this process is to have students in regular daily attendance, on time, ready to learn.

The Attendance Office is open from 7:15 am to 3:30 pm, but phone messages can be left 24 hours a day. If your student will be absent from school, please call the attendance line as early in the day as possible. We make every effort to get excused absences recorded in the computer as quickly as possible, but some data may be entered after the AutoDialer begins making phone calls at 1:30 pm. If you have a question about whether an attendance was recorded properly, the fastest way to check is to use ParentVue to see the attendance record for each of your students. You may report errors to Diane Jordan in the Attendance Office through email or phone message at 503-356-3021.


  • Students are not allowed to excuse themselves
  • Parent/guardian must call the Attendance Hotline at 503-356-3021
  • Absences must be reported the same day of the absence. Please have the following information:
    • Student's full name (please spell uncommon names)
    • Student's six-digit I.D. number
    • Your name and relationship to the student (parent, guardian, etc)
    • Reason for the absence (from the list below)
      • Illness
      • Medical appointment
      • Family emergency
      • Death in the immediate family
      • Pre-arranged absence
      • Religious observance
      • Other administrative approved reason


  • Parent should call the Attendance Office before the student arrives to school, or provide the student with a note from the parent or guardian the day of the late arrival. Parents do not need to accompany the student if they have called or provided a note. Please be sure to indicate the reason for the tardy as well as the student's name and ID.
    • Excused tardies include: medical appointment, illness, and family emergencies.
    • Unexcused tardies include: oversleeping, missing the bus, finishing homework/studying at home, and "running late."
  • Students should go directly to the Attendance Office when they arrive.


Once a student is on campus, the student must remain on campus. If it is necessary for the student to leave school for ANY reason after their initial arrival, parents must call the Attendance Line as early as possible in the morning or provide a note to the student.

If a note has been provided, student brings the note to the Attendance Office in exchange for an early release pass. If students leave and return to school, they must document the time of their return to school at the Attendance Office as well. Students who leave campus without checking out through the Attendance Office will be subject to consequences.

Makeup work: Students who have been absent have the responsibility to request and make up all missed learning. Students can also follow on Canvas to see if they can stay aware of some of the content and learning they are missing. It is always best to work with your teachers. Parents/student requests for homework related to absences of 3 or more days should be made to the Attendance Office and should allow for a 24-hour response time. The length of time for completion of make up work; the general rule is a day for a day.

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Bell Schedule

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We have two lunches and divide our lunches in half based on the location of 5/6 period classes. We are waiting for all of our students to complete registering and will post lunches for all students to see when they come on their first day.

A Days and B Days

Students attend their classes on an every-other day schedule:

A Days

Period 1

Period 3

Period 5

Period 7

B Days

Period 2

Period 4

Period 6

Period 8

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Beaverton School District Back to School FAQs

Find the answers to frequently asked questions and back to school information here:
To translate:


Go to https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/back-to-school
Click on the button that says "translate" at the top and select your preferred language.


Vaya a https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/back-to-school
Haga clic en el botón que dice "traducir" en la parte superior y seleccione su idioma preferido.






https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/back-to-school로 이동
상단에 "번역"이라고 표시된 버튼을 클릭하고 원하는 언어를 선택하십시오.


Truy cập https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/back-to-school
Nhấp vào nút "dịch" ở trên cùng và chọn ngôn ngữ ưa thích của bạn.


Booqo https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/back-to-school
Guji badhanka ku qoran "tarjum" xagga sare oo dooro luqadda aad doorbidayso.


Перейдите на https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/back-to-school.
Нажмите на кнопку с надписью «перевести» вверху и выберите желаемый язык.



انتقل إلى انقر فوق الزر "ترجمة" في الجزء العلوي وحدد لغتك المفضلة.

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Admin and Counselor Support 2021-22

Counselor Support (by Student Last Name)

  • AVID: Pat Baker
  • A - CAR: Anna Adamko
  • CAS - FRI: Amanda Budhi
  • FRJ - JUD: Tim Shaw
  • JUE - MAZ: Forrest Rosser
  • MBA - POZ: Michelle Silva
  • PPA - STE: Naseem Saremi
  • STF - Z - Ricardo Torres

Admin Support (By Student Last Name)

  • Tina Myers: A - JUD
  • Diane Fitzpatrick: JUE - POZ
  • Ben Lyman: PPA - Z

Student Manager

  • Hope Pearson

WESTVIEW PHONE: 503-356-3020

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Chromebook Damaged? Need a Chromebook? Tech Support?

Wildcat Day will be ready to distribute Chromebooks to any student who does not have one. We will also have our technology staff on hand to support you with damaged Chromebooks or needed repairs. We will also be able to help with passwords and access to StudentVue, Canvas, etc.. If you are unable to make Wildcat Day, we will have the time to support you with this during the first week of school.

If you have a Chromebook or technology need and would like to email or come to the school for support, please email:




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You Can Pay Fines and Fees Online

Families are able to purchase ASB and pay fines and fees online. Below is a link to make payments. You will need you ParentVue information in order to access.

Online Payments

ParentVue Login and Access Info

Apps for Parent and Guardians

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Parent Square Communication

The Beaverton School District is now using the ParentSquare platform for district, school and teacher communications, primarily with email, text and app notifications. ParentSquare automatically generates an account for each parent/guardian, using their preferred email address and phone number.

Here is a link for more information: BSD ParentSquare Information

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School Supply Questions

We do not have a school-wide supply list for our students. Teachers will communicate with their students what will be needed for their courses at the start of the year.
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2021-2022 School Calendar

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We are a community that inspires students to believe in themselves and successfully

advocate for their future goals.

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