Come Settle in Tejas!

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We are excited to have you!

What is Tejas?

What is Tejas? The word Tejas comes from the Caddoan language meaning friends.


Why should I settle in Texas?

Texas has many great things to offer. We offer:
  • many acres of land
  • rich soil for farming
  • vast herds

We are also the center of trade!


There are many rivers you can take to get to Texas. There is the:

  • Red River
  • Rio Grande
  • Brazos River
  • Colorado River
  • and the Pecos River
  • And many more!
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How Much Does Each Settler Receives?

Imperial Colonization Law (1823): Each settlers receives 4428.4 acres for grazing, and 177.1 acres for farming.

Price: 12.5 cents per acre


Land Grants!

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Needed Supplies

Supplies that will be necessary to start your new life here in Texas are:

  • An axe to cut lumber and other wood products to start your new home.
  • A wagon or horse as a form of transportation.
  • Items to start your crops or farm as a source of food.
  • Hunting and fishing gear to hunt down and fish your food.

Important! Must Know:

  1. Colonist have two years after buying land to settle in. In other words you must be settled in your land after two years of being purchased.
  2. You are exempt from taxes for six years.
  3. You only have to pay half the price of regular taxes!
  4. If you are a married settler and reside in Texas for three years, you automatically become a naturalized citizen of Mexico.

About Texas

Texas was officially admitted into the United States on December 29, 1845. It was a slave state when Texas joined the United States.

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Three Major Empresarios!

About Them

Stephen F. Austin: Stephen F. Austin was born on November 3, 1793. He took over his father's colonization in 1821. He was an empresario who led the second, but first legal colonization. He led 300 families from the United States to his colony, making it ultimately successful. His colony was located near the Brazos and Colorado River. He died on December 27, 1836.

Green Dewitt: He was born on February 12, 1787. He was an empresario, and founder of the Dewitt Colony. Green Dewitt asked permission to settle colonist in Texas in 1822, but was denied. After asking a second time in 1825, he was given permission to settle 400 respectable industries. He died on May 18, 1835.

Martin de Leon: Martin de Leon was born during the year 1765. Besides being an empresario he was also a wealthy farmer. The De Leon's Colony established by him and his wife Patricia de la Garza.