TCEA 2016

Cool Apps, Presentation Links, & Ideas

Seesaw (app)

Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio where students document their learning through photos, videos, drawings, text notes, links, and PDF's (also allows importing from other apps). Student work is uploaded, organized, and available to teachers from any device or computer. Teachers even have the option to invite parents to see their child's portfolio.

This app is FREE!

My Homework (app)

My Homework can be used as a student planner, parent/teacher communication journal, and/or academic agenda. This app can be accessed on phones, tablets, AND laptops and requires NO internet connection. It was introduced as an app to help students with IEP's stay organized, and keep parents in the loop.

Here are just a few of the many cool features of this organizational app:

  • Ability to send students reminders/announcements to help them stay on track (you can actually PUSH assignments to them in the reminders)
  • Creation of to-do lists (students "swipe" to cross things off)
  • Back and forth parent communication (students CANNOT change/edit

This app is FREE!

***I learned about this app from a workshop that was all about assisting students with IEP's using iPads (TONS of good ideas!) The link to the full presentation and recommended resources is below:

Team Shake (app)

Team Shake is an app used to randomize the order you call on students, and can also be used to randomize the order in which you group students. One of the neat features is that you can balance and adjust the groups based on gender or how "high" or "low" they are.

This app is $0.99

Educreations & Knowmia Teach (apps)

Educreations & Knowmia Teach both interactive whiteboards/screencasting tools. Use them to record your voice and iPad screen to create video lessons that students can access at anytime. These are very similar to ExplainEverything. You're not going to find "better" than ExplainEverything, but if you aren't comfortable with that app, these are both a bit more user friendly.

These apps are both FREE!

Google Jedi (presentation)

I am giving you think link to a presentation that will unlock EVERYTHING AMAZING (and practical) that Google can do! There are 80 slides, but the best part is that it is organized by subject! So if you're a science teacher, click "Slides" and scroll to the slide labeled "Google Jedi: Science" and there they'll be. This is REALLY good stuff!
(It's the first presentation on the page "Google Jedi")

WOW Wednesdays (presentation)

"WOW" = "Without Worksheets"

The idea of WOW Wednesdays is simple, make hands-on learning a priority. Hands-on learning can lead to MORE engaged students, LESS discipline issues, and HIGHER attendance. The session provided ideas of how to go paperless (without just assigning an iPad worksheet or Kahoot) yet still have a meaningful workday.

***The notes from this session are in PowerPoint form; if you're interested in getting a copy of these, checkout the TCEA handout link or send me an e-mail.

Most Likely To Succeed (documentary)

Most Likely To Succeed is a documentary that will inspire you and leave you with a sense of purpose and possibility. The goal of this film is to bring school communities together in re-imagining what our students, and what WE as teachers, a re capable of. Unfortunately, this documentary is not available through Netflix or to rent. As of right now, the only way to watch is to find a location where it is being screened (this is likely to change soon). I am posting the link to the webpage and trailer for this documentary. If you see a nearby screening, GO WATCH IT!

Link to webpage

Link to trailer

Link to access ALL 2016 TCEA Handouts!