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Skills I Need To Be A Successful Dentist

Problem solving

  • you need to achieve objectives
  • you need to structure the problems
  • you are looking for possible solutions
  • you have to make decisions
  • you need to talk directly
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Risk Taking

  • you can't put everything on the line
  • Take one risk at a time
  • think for yourself
  • have a Mental Rehearsal
  • Be a quitter
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  • Its what you need for success
  • its your goals and what you build in your business
  • Think Positively
  • work hard
  • you have to be dedicated to the business
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Resource Allocation

  • It is part of a resource management
  • its used to assign the available resource in an economic way
  • its strategic planning
  • used in project management
  • used in computer programs
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Time Management

  • carry a schedule and record all your thoughts
  • always plan your day
  • take a few minutes to do your calls or tasks
  • have conversations and activities
  • block all other distractions
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Technology and Tool Usage

  • check for broken links on your blog
  • check your domain authority
  • set up weekly reports
  • use social crawlytics
  • optimize your blog
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Pride in work

  • Be confident
  • talk a little bit about the goals you accomplished
  • Dont let people bring you down
  • Do good
  • Act like you are a great person
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  • know what you want
  • Get rid of self doubt
  • Practice staying cool
  • Don't get dragged down by hatters
  • know your values
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Numerical and Arithmetic Application

  • you need to have math skills
  • you need to have mental arithmetic skills
  • you need to have problem solving skills
  • you need to have an addition to your math skills
  • you need to be fully prepared
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