First Grade News

Highland Park Elementary February 1-5

We have a super busy week in 1st Grade! We are looking forward to Groundhog Day and of course the 100th Day of School! Don't forget to send in your 100 items on February 2nd! We are excited about our guest meteorologist, Neville Miller from Channel 9, coming to visit 1st Grade on February 2nd! We end the week with our First Friday Assembly and Paw Partners!

We could still use supply donations!!! We need pencils and glue sticks!!! We are also asking for ziploc bags--gallon and sandwich size! Thank you!


Spelling Words: how, now, down, our, out, round, would, could

Bonus Words: couldn't, wouldn't, powerful, mountain

Spelling Sentences:

1. How could I make a round box?

2. Would you get down from that tree?

*Students will need to be able to spell each word as well as all of the words in the sentence correctly on the test.

*The bonus words are optional!


This week in Reading we our continuing our unit on "Using Sensory Images." In this unit, the students will create pictures in their head as they read stories or listen to stories. They will use sensory images to understand the characters, setting and major events in a story. They will use words and illustrations to tell about the setting, characters and major events in a story.


This week in Math we will continue with our unit on Place Value of Two-Digit Numbers. In this units students will learn to represent 10 as ten ones and represent two-digit numbers as tens and some ones. They will represent multiple sets of tens using number names. They will be able to determine when a two-digit number is greater than, less than, or equal to another two-digit number.


We have begun our PBL unit on weather. The students are developing schema on weather and how it affects where we live and what we wear and the activities we do. We will also be watching several clips on weather reporting. Our end goal for this unit is for students to give a daily recess weather report for the school each day so students are prepared to go outside.


  • Please continue working on Sight Words! When students are ready to test, please write us a note or send a quick e-mail so we can test them.
  • Practice spelling words
  • Record reading minutes for February
  • Work on addition fluency

Important Dates

February 1-January Reading Logs Due

February 5-First Friday Assembly-Wear HPE shirts

February 8 12-Major Saver Fundraiser

February 8-March 4-Pennies for Patients Drive

February 8-12-Wall of Hope week--Donate $5 to buy a heart to put your name on

February 11-Valentine's Party-Bring your Valentine's box

February 12-Early Release Day

February 15-No School

February 22-26-Spirit Week--Donate $1 to wear the "special" attire for the day

February 29-March 4-Duct Tape Week--Bring in $1 to purchase a foot of duct tape to use to tape our assistant principal, Mrs. Taylor, to the wall at our March assembly