Kate Hansen In Sochi 2014!

Learn About The Life Of Kate Hansen

She's a Luger!

Kate Hansen is attending the Sochi Olympics to Luge with the U.S.A. Team. Luging is a sport that reaches up to 90 mph or more and is the only sport to be measured in a thousandth of a second. The athlete pushes off and then lays down to use their feet as a steering mechanism. This takes plenty of lower body strength.

Fitness for speed

Some exercises that Lugers do to gain lower body are lunges, squats, leg extensions, leg curls, and calf raises.

She is 21 years old, born on June 9, 1992.

She was born in Burbank, California.

Kate's Accomplishments

Kate Hansen has competed since 2013. In 2013, Kate won the U.S.A. Luge National Championship. The goal was accomplished by having the combined time of one minute and 29.601 seconds, even while she had a broken foot.

She has a maximum heart rate of 202. Her athletic performance range is from 162 to 189 beats per minute.

Will she win a gold medal?!!

Lakeview Middle School students in Warsaw, Indiana, USA are supporting you and cheering for your success in Sochi.