Helping Hockey Kids

Curtis Hansen 20% Project


My project can make an impact on everyone involved. Since my project is teaching little kids and helping them with hockey the kids are being impacted. They are learning things that they didn't know before. They are also learning from a high school hockey player that has experience at all the levels of hockey. I know what it takes to get to the next level and also to succeed at the next level. I am also impacted by this. I am teaching kids and learning valuable life lessons as long as making new friends with the kids.


I have learned man things about this topic. The kids look up to me and I am one of their role models. They come to my games and yell my name and its really cool to see how much they look up to me. The kids have also learned a lot and its cool to see that I am part of the reason why. They come up to me and tell me about the cool goals and dangles they had in their recent games and how they want to keep practicing hard.


I chose this topic because I love hockey. I love watching, playing, and teaching hockey. It is so cool to watch the progress people make and to see them working to be the best they can be. It is awesome to see the work ethic that the kids have how they strive to be like me.


Some of the challenges I had with this was having school and my own hockey. I didn't get in with the kids as much as I wanted to. Hockey will be over soon and they I can work with the kids much more often. Over the summer I am also working with the kids round 6 hours a day which I am really looking forward to at a hockey camp at Dakotah.