Mobile Learning Apps

a few great mobile apps for an elementary Math classroom.


Mobile Learning or M-learning is when you use mobile devices to encourage and enable learning. This learning can occur for students any time, any place and in any space. It is a tool that is used by teachers in order to portray information away from typical classroom engagement (e.g. Lectures, tests, etc.). Mobile learning effectively supports teachers by giving them more resources/tools to aid students learning needs.

Math apps that are fun and educational for Grades K-3

The Pirates of Fossil Island - Multiplication

This interactive app is one of my favorite apps because it is one in which speed will allow you to win the games. In the game you race a band of pirates and answer multiplication questions, speed and correct answer allows you to pull ahead of the competition and find buried treasure.

This game is fun, interactive and challenging.

The Pirates of Fossil Island - Math Games for the iPad - Gameplay

Pop Math - Arthritic App

This is app is available to be downloaded for both the iPhone and iPad. The game provides basic arithmetic games. In the game you are provided with two parts of an equation, the aim of the game is to pop the bubble with the correct answer in it. For example if you were given 23 + __ = 28 you would find the bubble that has a 5 in it and pop it. This game is good because it teaches students to do mental math in any direction, so no matter where the blank section is they can find the answer.

Math Magic - Basic Math

This app can be put on the iPhone and iPad, it provides the opportunity to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This app is simple and fun, it requires the player to highlight the ball(s) to add numbers together to create your target number. The app challenges the player by giving more points if they can break the number into multiple magic balls instead of two. For instance if your target number is a red ten you want to highlight red balls that add up to ten. So this could be an 8 and a 2 or perhaps two 4's and two 2's, using more balls gets you a higher score.

Cash Cow - Money Problems

Cash Cow is a game which allows students to learn how to count cash This app requires a basic understanding of how to count and from there many different games can be played. This app takes the traditional game Bejeweled and substitutes money for the jewels. This allows for students to create combinations and collect money. This money can then be spent to create a farm in the app. This game not only teaches addition it also teaches the value of money and how it can be used.

Cash Cow for iPhone: Trailer 1

Team Umizoomi App - Counting

The Team Umizoomi app is based off a television show for children. This show is centered on math learning at the age level of 4-10. The app is available on iPads and provides a chance for kids to learn basic mathematical concepts such as shapes, patterns, counting and sequences.

This game is good because it is fun, easy to use, but most importantly, It allows children to create their own account, collect badges and get rewards for their work. I have attached a video below that displays the basic game interactions.

Best iPad Apps For Kids: Team Umizoomi Math: Zoom into Numbers HD - Nickelodeon

How to use these apps?

All these apps encourage students to practice basic math skills. They are in game format because at the age range I am targeting (Grades K-3) it is important to keep them engaged and having fun, while encouraging learning through practice. These apps once available to students can be played any time and any place. If the tech is available in the classroom it I would allow students to play together and race through levels. The important thing for apps is to be fun because if they are not students will play other games which may have no educational value.

Why Mobile Learning?

Why mobile learning?

Additional Game (not app)

Math magician - Basic math

I wanted to include this one game because I think it would be fun in the classroom. It is not an app I just stumbled upon it when I was looking at apps that would be good in the classroom. This is an example of e-Learning not m-Learning

Math Magician can be played at any time on any device as long as it has internet access. This game allows you to choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It then throws 50 questions in that category at you to be completed in 2 1/2 minutes. This game is good because it encourages the practice of basic math skills and allows for improvement over time. The only downside to this game is there is no saving of progress. I would use this game in the classroom setting so students could team up and race.