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Parent Newsletter 2nd Nine Weeks

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Zwink Parent Core Values

Educational Excellence

We will encourage and support our children in their educational responsibilities, such as homework and other projects. Daily we will read to them or encourage them to read on their own.

Prized Relationships

We will foster a loving relationship with our children at home by providing an environment that is safe and comfortable for them. We will enforce limits neutrally and consistently. We will build positive relationships with the faculty and our children’s peers by pursuing the positive and refusing to energize negativity.

Collaborative Community

We will work together with the faculty to provide the best learning environment possible for our children. We will support the faculty in their role as they serve the best interest of our children.

Attitude of Gratitude

We will give thanks to the faculty for their efforts to inspire, support and challenge our children in their educational endeavors. We will be cheerful, professional and polite in communication, live the golden rule and seek opportunities to help and support.

Intentional Loyalty

We will protect the unity of our campus as we model personal integrity. We will value one another, protect reputations, honor commitments, and destroy gossip

Important Dates:

October 23-27: Red Ribbon Week and Zwink Book Fair

October 28: Klein ISD GT Summit, 8 a.m.- 1 p.m., Klein Multipurpose

November 2: Multilingual Night at Zwink, 6-7:30 p.m.

November 2: Papa John's Spirit Night

November 16: Family Movie Night at Zwink, 5-8 p.m.

November 20-24: Thanksgiving Holiday, no school

December 6: Class Pictures

December 14: Prime Time, 6-7:30 p.m.

December 21: Early Release Day

Fechas Importantes:

Octubre 23-27: Semana del Red Ribbon y la Feria del Libro

Octubre 28: Klein ISD GT Summit (reunión), 8 a.m.-1 p.m., KMPC Noviembre 1-15: Recaudación de Fondos para el PTO

Noviembre 2: Noche Multilingüe en Zwink, 6-7:30 p.m. Noviembre 2: Noche en apoyo a Zwink en Papa John’s

Noviembre 16: Noche Familiar con Películas en Zwink, 5-8 p.m.

Noviembre 20-24: Festividad de Acción de Gracias, no habrá clases

Diciembre 6: Fotografía del Grupo Escolar Diciembre 7: Noche en apoyo a Zwink en Dairy Queen Diciembre 14: Prime Time, 6-7:30 p.m. Diciembre 15: Box Top Store, Lunch (canjeo de cupones/cafetería) Diciembre 21: Salida Temprana Escolar

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Upcoming Attendance Challenges!

Attendance plays a major role in ensuring that your child achieves educational excellence. It is our hope and desire that your child gets the most of their educational experience. By attending school every day, each child is a step closer to obtaining that goal! We understand that extenuating circumstances or illness are inevitable and ask that upon your child’s return to school, you promptly send in a medical note or parent notification. In order to document the excused absence, we must receive a note within 5 days from the child’s return to school.

Students who were at school everyday during the first nine weeks will get to participate in a picnic lunch on Thursday, October 26. We also held a drawing and awarded bicycles to two students on Friday the 20th during our Dazzle Day Celebration. Congratulations to Blake White and Carmen DeGuzman!

We will continue this for the second nine weeks, as well as hold additional challenges to promote attendance. Students who are present every day from October 23 to November 17 will get to play the "Pie in the Face" game, and students who are at school everyday from November 27 to December 19 will get to be a part of our Zwink Holiday Tree Drone Flyover!

We look forward to celebrating our Zebras who have perfect attendance!

¡Reto de Asistencia!

La asistencia diaria juega un papel muy importante en la vida de su hija(a) para adquirir una excelente educación. Es nuestro propósito y deseo que su hijo(a) obtenga la mejor experiencia educativa. ¡Con la asistencia diaria los ayuda aproximarse a su objetivo! Entendemos que en ciertas circunstancias o por enfermedad es inevitable su asistencia, el cual les pedimos que al regreso de su hijo(a) a clases nos envié la nota médica o nota escrita por usted de la falta de su hijo(a). Para poder documentar la falta debemos recibir su notificación mediante los primeros 5 días hábiles al regreso escolar. Los estudiantes que asistieron diariamente a clases durante las primeras 9 semanas, tendrán la oportunidad de convivir en una comida escolar en el patio de Zwink el jueves 26 de Octubre. El viernes 20 de Octubre, se rifaron 2 bicicletas durante nuestra “Deslumbrante Celebración/Dazzle Day” los cuales obtuvimos dos afortunados ganadores: Carmen DeGuzman y Blake White. Continuaremos con este reto para las siguientes 9 semanas añadiendo nuevos retos para motivar su asistencia diaria. Los estudiantes que asistan diariamente del 23 de Octubre al 17 de Noviembre tendrán la oportunidad de jugar “Pie in The Face/Pastelazo a la Cara”. ¡También, los estudiantes que asistan diariamente del 27 de Noviembre al 19 de Diciembre tendrán la oportunidad de presenciar un Drone Sobrevolar nuestro Árbol Festivo! ¡Esperamos celebrar con nuestras Zebras su asistencia diaria!

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