Major Cities

The capital of Aruba is Oranjestad with a population of 29,998. Two more major cites are Babkijn with a population of 40,627 and Angochi with a population of 29,442.


Aruba is controlled by the Netherlands. It has not gained its independence yet. Their official language is Papiamento and Dutch.


Aruba is located in the Southern Caribbean Sea, North of Venezuela. Aruba is known for its white sand beaches. The three most beautiful beaches are Baby Beach, Boca Catalina and De Palm Island.

Political and Diplomacy

Aruba's type of government is the parliamentary democracy. Their leader is Mike Eman. Aruba has a trade agreement with US and The Netherlands. When tourists visit the island they aren't allowed to work.

Economic and Trade

Aruba's currency is florin. There economic system is capitalism. They import machinery, electrical equipment, crude oil, chemicals and food. They get these goods from the US, The Netherlands and the UK. They export live animals, animals products, art, collectibles, machinery and electrical equipment.

Tourist Information

People should visit Aruba because of their breathe taking white sand beaches, friendly Arubans, great diving, constant trade winds, there eco friendly island and spectacular geological formations. If you pay a visit to Aruba then you should go to the beach, go diving, wind surf, enjoy a unique view of the wild and visit the colorful capital city.