Saba Island Bonaire, Caribbean

By: Hannah Harris

Airfare Cost and Schedule

My flight starts in Denver then heads to Charlotte, North Carolina then lands one more time in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten. After all the connecting flights and getting on the last plane the flight will finally end in Saba Island Bonaire, Caribbean. The entire flight time is 14 hours and 35 minutes. For my two tickets altogether on it would cost $1,766.64 with out tax. This trip is from May 1st to the 15th. Though the expedition was long it is worth it to see the grand island of Bonaire, Caribbean.,to:SAB,departure:05%2F01%2F2014TANYT&leg2=from:SAB,to:DEN,departure:05%2F15%2F2014TANYT&passengers=children:0,adults:2,seniors:0,infantinlap:Y&options=cabinclass:economy,nopenalty:N,sortby:price&mode=search&olacid=US.DISPLAY.INTENT-MEDIA.INTL-FLIGHT-TIER-4.FLIGHT&oladtl=FLT%20:%20DEN%20:%20SAB


From May 1st through the 15th I will be staying at the Queens Gardens Resort. When I initially roamed in I noticed that there were windows from floor to ceiling and it was absolutely stunning from all the natural light coming in. Just after the key was handed to us we sprinted to our room to see what it looked like. The room was so great it deserves a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, that is literally how fantastic it really is with hot tubes, king size beds, and enough room to spread out in the smallest rooms in the entire hotel. This resort has rooms that have a beautiful views, parking for rental cars and a 4 star rating. Also, many reviews say that all the concierges are amazing now I see why the reports are so impressive. Before we left for this fabulous trip I saw on the cheapest suite is the deluxe suite for $200 a night and $3,234 the entire stay. I also found the exact same price for the same batch on a different website called so it wouldn't matter which site you go to, but I went to kayak. So at this magnificent hotel the room service is at your order.,Saba-Island,Bonaire,Juancho-E.-Yrausquin-SAB-c54286-h96502-details/2014-05-01/2014-05-15/2guests/#overview


Problems to Anticipate and Solutions Suggested

I have a few problems I should tell you just to aware you. The first problem is what happened in 1772. What happened in 1772 was a hurricane that killed about 500,000 people. This hurricane desolated most of the upper half of the island, so now hikers can't go up there because people can't repair the damage. And there are many other hurricanes that have happened over time since the 1772 hurricane. So this tells most travelers that hurricanes happen a lot here. My solution is to look at the weather reports to see if anything will happen when or if you take a trip there.

My second problem is the safety when you go close to the sea. That is an concern because when you go close to the sea there are no beaches there are just very rocky and steep hills to the sea. So if you fall down it you might break a bone or bruise a bone, and you might get a few cuts too. My solution is to not go to the sea unless you have a tour guide with you.

Last but not least my third problem. My third problem is all of the poisonous snakes, lizards, etc. If the poisonous animals attack you, you can get very sick or something far more loathsome. My solution to this problem is to learn where most of the perilous animals are and to not go there and if you come in contact with a unsafe animal then just walk away or if the animal comes sprinting at you, you have the right to defend yourself.


Starting off in America my trip lead me to my destination of the Saba Island Bonaire in the Caribbean islands.The flight was long but worth it, when I saw the view from the hotel windows that lead out to the rocky beaches. This island had many inspiring, and enjoyable times. My sightseeing was the best part of the trip due to the tour guide who always was joking around about the island plus talking about the area. Before we left to the island in the Caribbean we thought we had more on our itinerary than we could handle, yet we got it all done including scuba diving, hiking, and hanging out at the pool in the lounge chairs. On our last day we said goodbye to the citizens and took the connecting flight through public transportation. In the end I would never forget my trip to the Saba Island Bonaire, Caribbean and constantly prefer this island to friends and family members who want to try something new.