Erwin School Library Staff Update

Nancy Cravey, School Librarian

12 October 2015

I need 20 cereal boxes for a project in the library. As you finish your Cheerios, or Golden Grahams, or Total, please bring me your empty boxes. Thanks!

All classes will meet in the library this week.

At the beginning of all 2nd-5th grade library lessons students will spend 5 minutes reading. Please have students bring a book when they come for library lessons.

Dates of Interest and Importance

October 15 -- EBOB lunch meeting for 4th and 5th graders

October 16 -- Dot Day

October 19 -- EBOB after school meeting

October 20 -- Skate Night

October 22 -- EBOB lunch meeting for 4th and 5th graders

October 23 -- end of 1st quarter

October 26 -- Teacher Workday

October 29 -- EBOB lunch meeting for 4th and 5th graders

November 2 -- EBOB after school meeting

November 3-- October reading minutes due

November 4 -- overdue notices go home with report cards

November 4 -- GCS Reads 2 Jeans Day

Make Your Mark!

On October 16, as a school we will observe "Dot Day." Students' dot art will be unveiled, everyone will be invited to wear polka dots, and stories of people who have made their mark will be shared on the announcements.

More information will be shared in an email to send to families this week. Please forward that email when it is sent out and include reminders of Dot Day in your weekly parent communication.

If you are interested is doing "Dot Day" related activities in your classroom, please see Ms. Cravey or Ms. Young for resources.

Have questions about copyright?

All staff have a responsibility to adhere to copyright laws and to teach students appropriate behaviors for print, audio, video, or online materials.

Some helpful tips to make sure you are following Fair Use guidelines can be found on the Copyright in Schools page on the Erwin website (under the School Library tab).

More information about copyright will be shared in a future staff meeting. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the guidelines, see Ms. Cravey.

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Erwin students read 115,940 minutes in September. That is a little bit shy of our goal of 120,000 minutes each month, based on our K-5 numbers.

This month's Star Readers and Class of the Month!

The class with the highest reading minutes for September was Ms. MacClean's 3rd grade! Her students read on average 803 minutes each.

Star Readers (highest library book circulations):

Primary = Ms. Noble's Class

Lower El = Ms. Green's Class

Upper El = Ms. Miller's Class

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Battle of the Books

The Erwin PTA has funded Erwin's first ever Battle of the Books club. This club is open to all 4th and 5th grade students and will be coordinated by Ms. Cravey and Ms. Williams. The club will meet on Thursdays during students' lunch time and every other Monday after school.

In March, Erwin will send 12 students from the club to compete in the regional Battle of the Books competition at UNCG againts approximately 60 other elementary schools. This is an exciting opportunity for Erwin students.

You can read more about the Battle of the Books program here.

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Discovery Education

All staff and students have Discovery Education accounts. This space will be used to share weekly resources and tips for using Discovery Education in the classroom.

Discover Education has a resource page for Columbus Day. You can find the various media and lesson starters here.

Teachers login to Discovery Education using their GCs username and password.

Students login to Discovery Education at school using the same login that they use for school computers.

The website to access Discovery Education is

Tech Tip: Free Technology For Teachers

Free Technology For Teachers is a website that give tips on using free technology resources. It is updated regularly with user guides and demos on free resources available on the internet for teachers personal use or to use with students. You can also follow the site on Facebook to receive updates.