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List of things Engineers Consider for Designing Air Pollution Control Projects

Envirometrics-The Art of Protecting Industrial Environment

Industrial health safety has been mandatory in order to prevent contaminating factors inside the industry premises and neighboring locations. Envirometrics is found to be the right solution by which professionals suggest suitable pollution control measures for industries.

Pollution Control Solutions with Respect to Industries

Industrial pollution differs widely. Industries like cement manufacturing, cotton, batch plant, etc releases contaminating wastes in the form of fine dust or gaseous form. Some industries release water waste that gets mixed up in rivers nearby. Hence, envirometrics is applied widely to suit the respective industry.

Contamination Analysis by Professionals

Envirometrics is the art of designing the perfect pollution control solution with respect to the industry. Engineers analyze on the type and amount of pollution and design pollution control equipments based on that. Techflow is one of the leading companies that provide air pollution control solutions to different industries.

Consultation for Industrial Air Pollution Control Project

We consult with industrial authorities who approach us to get suggestion to reduce pollutants in air. Our suggestion includes selection of suitable pollution restricting equipments, air pollution control project designing, pollution control plant designing, implementation of project, etc

Creation of Engineering Design

Techflow assists industries in terms of analyzing the possibilities of air pollution threat with respect to the type of industry. We then offer suitable solution in terms of pollution control equipment specification that matches the severity of pollutants released from respective industry.

Different Types of Pollution Control Solutions offered by Techflow

Out air atmosphere threat solutions include installation of axial fans, centrifugal blowers, fixation of dust collectors, fume extraction system, installation of bag filters, etc. Apart from that we also plan solutions in accordance with the effectiveness of equipments suitable for industry type.

Pollution control Project Planning

Projects formulation for controlling contaminating factors released from factories includes several steps. It begins with industrial waste analysis, sources that emit wastes, selection of suitable contamination resisting equipment, air quality modeling analysis, infectivity controlling regulations for industries imposed by respective Government, commissioning of equipments and monitoring air quality.

Studies Involved in Project Planning

Engineers consider multiple factors to offer appropriate air pollution management solution. Their study includes analysis of industrial structural design, checking the air quality inside the work atmosphere and then around the neighboring locations, evaluation of industrial infrastructure support, obtaining authoritative permit and regulatory consent, etc.

How Engineers at Techflow Consider Equipment Design?

Techflow professionals are experienced in designing equipments and products including the recently available technology that can sustain the industrial atmospheric condition. We provide bag filter, dust collector, wet scrubber, fume extraction systems and filtration, centrifugal fans and blowers and many more innovative types of equipment which can create healthy working atmosphere.


Air pollutants are of various types with respect to the manufacturing process. Installation of control equipments can reduce the contaminating impact to a great extent. Apart from pollution analysis and Techflow professionals also involve in studying the air quality after implementation of air pollution equipments. This method will help the industry to maintain safe atmosphere for long term.