Science Discovery

At Rockbrook Elementary

Contact Information

Conference period is 9:50-10:45

e-mail is

All About Mrs. Cook

I'm starting my 28th year in education. All 28 years have been with LISD. I have taught Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade as a regular classroom teacher. For the last 11 years I have taught Science Discovery as a specials. I love SCIENCE!

Daily Class Schedule

7:55 5th Grade

9:00 4th Grade

10:45 3rd Grade

12:00 Kindergarten

12:55 1st Grade

1:50 2nd Grade

Each Class is 50 minutes.


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This month in Science Discovery

In 4th and 5th grade we are studying the properties of solids. We will be completing the "Mystery Cube" investigation.

In 3rd grade we are studying what happens to matter when we do a physical change. We will be completing the "Cookie Crumbles" investigation and "Melting Ice" investigation.

In Kindergarten we are studying how our senses help us make observations. We will be completing the "Fresh Fall Leaves", "Whats in a Smell", and "Rough or Smooth"

In First Grade we are studying ways to compare matter. We will be comparing squash, compare mass of different objects.

In 2nd Grade we are studying different forms of matter and how it can be changed. We will be completing activities using balances, hand lens, and stop watches. One activity we will be investigating how quickly a solid will sink in different liquids.