Stop Bullying! NOW!!

How to Help


Bullying is a very common issue. There are articles about kids killing themselves. This could stop! We need to raise awareness.

There are 3 types of bullying. Physically, gossiping, and cyberbullying. They are all very impacting. Let's help stop this NOW!

Here is a video about bullying. This gives a lot of tips for parents and teachers.

It is the cite above: http: http:

Click on this URL to learn more about how to stop bullying.
(PS. The video is twelve minutes long.)

Camille's Question: What are two things that Christina’s mom did to help her daughter? Give details from the article.

Wyatt's Answer: Her mom confronted one of the girls’ mom who was bullying her about the bullying

Camille's Question: Did the lady punish her daughter for bullying Christina? Give details from the story.

Answer: She did not, she just shrugged it off. She would not accept that her daughter was a bully.

I got some of my information on this website.

America, JOANNA PRISCO via Good Morning. "My Reputation Was Shattered: Bullied Teen Becomes Advocate for Awareness." ABC News. ABC News Network, n.d. Web. 01 Nov. 2013.


Q: So Sydnee, what is your perspective on bullying?
A: I think bullying is wrong and people should stop.

Q: How do you think we could stop bullying?
A: I don't know but one thing that we can do to help is to tell an adult when we see it happen.

Q: If you were being bullied what would you do first?
A: I would tell an adult.

Q: Have you witnessed bullying?

A: Actually I have. I have seen people call names before class.

Q: Did you report this?

A: Yes, I told the teacher that people were saying naughty words and that they were calling names.

That was all from Camille, the interviewer, and Sydnee, the questioned.

I Read This On This Website

Bullying most often occurs in:

Classroom- 39 responses
Lunchroom- 14 responses
Playground- 117 responses
Halls- 81 responses; Bathroom- 12 responses
Bus- 22 responses
Outside- 49 responses
Don't know- 21 responses
Other- 81 responses

How Bullying Occurs

The bullying I experienced took the form of:

E-mails- 25 responses
Calls- 37 responses
Text messages- 29 responses
Notes- 57 responses
Violence- 92 responses
Threats- 108 responses
Rumors- 163 responses
Left-out- 147 responses
Property- 49 responses
Mocked- 222 responses
N/A- 140 responses
Comments- 14 responses
Instant messaging- 1 response
Other- 11 responses

Inferences About the Article I Posted

I can infer that the mom and dad of Christina were hurt that some kids would make fun of their daughter.

I am guessing that some of the people bullying the girl didn't even know it however they were never informed of what they were doing.

I can infer that the mom was trying to help her daughter since they moved to a different school.

I guess that some of the bullies have been bullied before since they bullied Christina.

Christina probably felt a lot of pain while she was being bullied.

I can infer that Christina's parents really felt mad at those kids that were bullying their daughter because I know my parents would.