Ethanol-smarter, cleaner, effective

Michaela Jewett

How does ethanol work?

Ethanol helps keep engines clean, cooler temperature, and it burns well because it has oxygen molecules- oxygen molecules in the ethanol join with the oxygen in the air which helps it burn completely.

What is the cost of ethanol?

Ethanol costs on average $2.53 per gallon or $7.00 per bushel.

What material is required for ethanol?

Any materials containing cellulose (straw/corn) are split in half by enzymes which then makes sugar. The sugar is then produced into ethanol.

What maintenance and longevity of ethanol?

Ethanol plants shut down 2 times a year for a cleaning and modification services. Also ethanol has a life of 3 months, but you want to replace it every 2-3 weeks, so you don’t ruin your engine.

What are uses of ethanol?

Used for perfumes, flavoring in drugs and medicines, and fuel.

What are the benefits of ethanol?

1. Cleaner air

2. Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

3. Better performance

4. Lower petroleum usage


Ethanol cannot be shipped through pipelines because it absorbs water.The majority of ethanol fueling stations are found in Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Iowa. Your nearest fueling station may not have ethanol.