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Mexico civil rights

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Human Rights in mexico have been an issue for several years. The problems include torture,repression,sexual murder, and more recently, news reporter assassinations.

what if you were a Mexican...

what if you and me were a Mexican going threw the obstacles they took to stay alive, not getting the great freedom we have not getting to see the world and the future like we all dreamed of, just in there eyes they see violence they see that there different then us when there the same, they think color matters but all that really matters is living your life with peace.

prison condition

prisons are overpopulated and fail to provide basic security for most inmates, prisoners who accuse guards for inmates of attack or other abuse have no effective system to seek redress. approximately 60 percent of prisons are under the control of organized crime, and corruption and violence are rampant according to the national human rights commission.

everyday people

everyday people in mexico are usually staying indoors at places because if women were out by the streets there's sexual harassment and just harassment that's how the mexico city works and the country at whole.
Chicano: The History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement