Hannah Mathew and Isabella Mulhall

Algeria's currency is the Algeria Dinar. (Economic)

Languages they speak are Arabic and Tamazight. (social)

Gross domestic product per capita is $7,500.(Economic)

Electrical is one of many major industries in Algeria. (Economic)

Ramadan is one of their holidays. (Social)

Iron, lead, petroleum, and natural gas are some of there natural resources. (Geography)

Age of 18 is when you can start voting. (Political)

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Ramadan greeting card

This is a greeting card given by someone. Ramadan is when the people do not eat , drink or smoke from sunrise to sunset.

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Cheb Khaled Hiya Hiya (feat Pitbull) by deejay fk by Fk Deejay

Rai Music

The type of music you are listening to is rai. Algeria is famous for its type of pop and folk music. The artist of this song is Cheb Khaled who is a famous rai singer.