Classical Conversations of Ashland

Foundations & Essentials: September News

Foundations & Essentials Begin!

Week #1 is underway! I hope you and your family enjoyed our first community day of the year. It was wonderful to see so many new and returning families! Thank you for being on time.

This monthly newsletter will highlight some of our community's activities and events, and will hopefully be an encouragement to you as you endeavor to classically educate your children at home.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Although I will attempt to answer any messages as promptly as possible, please know that I have blocked off Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2 - 4 p.m. for CC related issues, so your calls/texts/messages will be answered no later than at that time.

I am praying for you as you seek to know God and make Him known in your families, in your neighborhoods, and in the world.


Upcoming Field Trip Opportunities

Field Trip to Imel's Greenhouse

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 11am

2836 Kentucky 1

Greenup, KY

The cost is $5 per child and includes a pumpkin and a gourd, a sweet snack, a wagon ride, and playground time. We need a group of 15 children to keep the cost at $5/child.

Please let Samantha Hamilton, our field trip coordinator, know if you can attend by Monday, September 19.

Bubble Trouble

Tuesday, Oct. 11th, 9:30am

1300 Winchester Avenue

Ashland, KY

A bubble volcano. A bubble roller coaster. A kid in a bubble? Jeff Boyer takes bubbles to the max in this one-man bubble extravaganza. It’s the craziest, most creative bubble show around. Jeff juggles bubbles, sculpts and builds with bubbles, makes fog-filled bubbles and more. Mixing comedy, music and interactive bubble-magic, he engages and delights audiences of all ages.

Tickets are $5 per person for students and adults. Samantha is willing to reserve tickets for a group if you let her know how many will be attending and get payment to her by September 26. Otherwise, you can make your own ticket reservations by emailing Melanie Cornelison ( with the time you prefer (9:30 or 11:30), number of tickets you need, and letting her know that you are a homeschooling family.

Opening Assembly

Memorization of Ephesians 6

Our community is memorizing Ephesians 6 this cycle. Each week, we will add another verse to the 24 verse chapter, which means that the entire chapter will be memorized by the end of our year! Our kids can do this! You can do this! We will use some hand motions to help us. View the video below to see all the motions.
Ephesians 6 Classical Conversations Cycle 2

Family Presentations

Each family will give a presentation in front of the community during Opening Assembly. Please try to keep your presentations to 5 minutes! More information about presentations may be found in the community handbook.

September 12: Nicholson Family

September 19: Barber Family

September 26: Blair Family

Thinking Classically

The Virtue of Obedience

We focus on a virtue each week during Opening Assembly using the curriculum from We Choose Virtues. Aristotle says virtue is the habit of behaving rightly. A hallmark of classical education is the cultivation of the soul on truth, goodness and beauty. Virtuous behavior provides the roots necessary for this cultivation to occur.

This week we spoke of obedience, or responding quickly and cheerfully to those in authority ("Okay, whatever you say, I will obey right away."), but what does obedience look like for us as parents? Mystie Winckler at Simply Convivial says that "All of Life Is Repentence." I hope you can take some time to read or listen to this article in her Education Is For Life series.

CC Resources

CC Connected

Our community provides support for you on Mondays, but what about the other 4 days of your school week? Classical Conversations' subscription service, CC Connected, provides a way for you to connect with other Foundations and Essentials families around the world, download files for expanding on the memory work, and online tutorials for memory work practice. Subscribers also have free access to RightNow Media, a huge online video library with lots of quality Christian content. Subscribe to CC Connected today for the rate of $6/month.
Tour the New CC Connected!

Community Contact Info

Campus Location:

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

1930 Winchester Avenue
Ashland, KY 41101