Rejuvenation Station

Neidig Elementary School's Collaborative & Creative Lounge

Where Creativity becomes Productivity

* Creating a social space that facilitates collaborative think tanks

* Increase the occurrence of employee encounters

* Positively impact staff morale and retention

Who We Are

* Teachers who often struggle with the time, space, and motivation to come together and collaborate as a team within the current spaces available

* Educators looking to increase the personal and professional interactions that take place on campus

* Leaders who strive for creative solutions that increase teacher satisfaction, and in turn enhance the instruction in the classroom and level of student engagement

How We Get There

* Additional seating to allow more teachers to get together more often

* Technology for presentations and team meetings within the professional learning community

* An inviting atmosphere equipped with comfortable furniture, a beverage bar for tea and coffee, and a full kitchen that encourages fellowship and dialogue

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