Second Grade News

September 26, 2015

Events for this Week


-Unit 1 Math Test


-Picture Day (pictures will be taken at 9:45 am)


-Roxy Reading Dog Lexi and her owner will visit the classroom (9:30 am)

-Cameron is our Top Dog of the Week. His parents will be reading to the class.

Ask Your Child About

What are three types of rocks? (metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous)

What was your favorite Reading center this week?

What small moment did you write about in Writer's Workshop?

Who is your 4th grade Buddy?


I believe it's important to differentiate spelling list for each child. The children took a series of spelling test to help determine what words they could spell.

On Monday each child will receive their own personalized words. I have highlighted all the words that each child got correct. The children will choose one word a week to practice from this list of words. All of these words are high frequency words.

Also on Monday, each child will receive a Tic Tac Toe Homework sheet. This sheet will be kept in a plastic sleeve in their binder. It will have the spelling list, high frequency words and your child's personal words. The children will have a choice of which homework to complete on the Tic Tac Toe sheet. They will expected to complete pages in their spelling homework book and do some fun spelling activities.

Math Test on Tuesday

We will be reviewing for the test on Monday as a class.

Topics covered will include:

  • Comparing numbers
  • Identifying even and odd
  • Skip counting by 2,5,10
  • Clocks and money combinations
  • Addition facts
  • Missing number grid puzzles
  • Showing numbers with tally marks

We will be learning about this week


-short e

-setting reading goals

-reading groups


-Unit 1 test on Tuesday

-Problem solving test on Thursday


-gathering writing ideas

-writing a story with a partner

Spelling-Sort 7 and 8

-personal spelling words


-Properties of rocks and minerals

Social Studies

-Characteristics of rural and suburban communities



-Spelling Tic Tac Toe Sheet due Friday

-Math Homelink 1.12


-Spelling Tic Tac Toe Sheet due Friday

-Rock Hunt-Due Friday


-Extra Math

-Spelling Tic Tac Toe Sheet due Friday

-Rock Hunt-Due Friday


-Spelling Tic Tac Toe Sheet due Friday

-Study for Spelling Test-go on Spelling City - Sorts 7 and 8

-Here's the link

-Rock Hunt-Due Friday

We Met Our 4th Grade Buddies!!