What's Up, Egypt

By Molly Canipe


At the top of the pyramid, there is the Pharoah. The Pharaoh is the most powerful person in Egypt, the political and religious ruler.The Pharoah's wife is the second most powerful person in the land. She generally is there to birth a son as a heir and to complement the pharoah. Though it has been phrophesized that in the future she will have much more power and responsibility, such as religious titles. The next most powerful person is the Vizier, (sort of a prime minister. All other officials report to the Vizier), government officials (reports to Vizier), and nobles ( related to royalty, government officials). After that there is the scribes, they keep records of religion , dates, and historical events. They write in hieroglyphics, a write style that uses pictures instead of words

Scrib means write, so scribe means writer. Next is artisans. They make pottery, statues, vases with hieroglyphics, and pictures. Next are farmers and and workers, these are not slaves. They were born into their line of work. Next we have slaves and servants, they normally work outside in the fields.

News Stories

Anything big and important going on in your dynasty? Contact us with a scroll, our address is - Travel to the tree with two trunks, face the cactus with exactly 383 spikes, and walk towards the sunset. Stop at the cracks in the dirt that make the shape of the sun, and walk south until you see a small pyramid, leave the scroll at the west corner of the pyramid.